Fr. Gravel To Have His Faculties As A Priest Suspended?

Key points of this article sent to us from a Socon or Bust reader.  Here is the summary our reader provides….

In summary:

The Vatican has written to the bishop of Joliet, asking him to suspend the faculties of Fr. Gravel.

He says that because of LifeSiteNews, he always feels like he’s always on the verge of being kicked out, e.g. kicked out of the priesthood.

Complains that priests are like numbers to Vatican, doesn’t recognize the good he’s done for 25 years.

Will explain his case to Cardinal Levada of the CDF– (Some serious stuff going on!)

Complains that Cardinal Ouellet could have told the Vatican the truth about what was said on LSN.

Says that it’s in the Church’s interest to accept his position on abortion and homosexuality, because those are Quebec values…otherwise the Church will die.

He says he remains convinced that he has a place in the Catholic Church, and that the Church has a message of hope that is not always well conveyed.

(If this is all true, I think he’s done like dinner)


Looks like Rome is stepping in and putting an end to Gravel’s nonsense.  Sadly, I’m sure that his groundless lawsuit will continue, but at least LSN will be vindicated by the Church.  And it might even help them at trial because there won’t be any room to suggest that his beliefs are in line with Catholic teaching.  That’s one road that he can no longer travel.

This news gives LSN and us Taliban Catholic bloggers some big-time leverage to keep moving forward in our efforts against Development & Peace and the rest of the Professional Catholic class in the church, not to mention CanChurch and its bishops.

Who’s making the allegations?  Oh, LifeSiteNews, you say?  You mean that rock solid news organization that the Vatican trusted to remove a problematic priest?

After Gravel gets suspended, the next time Fr. Rosica opens his mouth to denounce LifeSiteNews, it will take on a whole new perspective among the Faithful and perhaps even in Rome.   Who knows? After Gravel, maybe they’ll do a really good investigative report on Fr. Rosica and send it to the Vatican.  There’s a dossier that’s building across the internet on his activities, and it’s not pretty.

If he’s smart, Fr. Rosica will keep a quiet profile about controversies in the Church, and stop attacking a trusted Vatican news source and the rest of the Catholic blogosphere who refuses to drink his KoolAid.

I’ve never seen a priest who has such a penchant for making enemies among the Faithful as Fr. Tom Rosica.  He’s a source of division in the Catholic Church.  And he (and the Church of Comfortable Accomodation which he represents) needs to be confronted and disciplined, and eventually, he will be if he keeps up with his unrestrained outbursts and his references to non-existent “studies” on the Catholic blogosphere which claim to buttress his position.

The time of reckoning is fast approaching.

2 thoughts on “Fr. Gravel To Have His Faculties As A Priest Suspended?

  1. So Father Gravel says that “it’s in the Church’s interest to accept his position on abortion and homosexuality, because those are Quebec values…otherwise the Church will die”?! AMAZING!

    Eternal Wisdom has clearly stated in the Bible what God thinks about abortion and homosexuality so, does that mean that Father Gravel is wiser than the Eternal Wisdom?! That is what I call true humility!

    In fact, I think the opposite is absolutely true: that it is precisely “because of those Quebec values” (and because of those who, like Father Gravel, promote those values), that the Church in Quebec has been practically in her deathbed for many years. But Jesus will never let His Bride die.


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