Fr. Gravel should sue Wikipedia instead

The small guy is always the easiest target.

While Fr. Raymond Gravel is busy suing LifeSiteNews and Campagne Québec-Vie for allegedly misrepresenting him on the issue of abortion, it turns out that Wikipedia says the same thing about him.

Yup, there’s a Wikipedia page on Fr. Gravel. In the second paragraph, we read the following:

Gravel is controversial among the Catholic clergy and laity for his support of abortion and same-sex marriage — two issues officially opposed by the Church. (Source)

There’s also a French page on Fr. Gravel, which says the same thing:

Il est controversé en raison de son appui au mariage homosexuel et à l’avortement, deux positions contraires à celles de l’Église catholique. (Source)

Funny that only the pro-life Catholics get sued, eh?

Yet, if you were concerned about your reputation, Wikipedia might be a larger problem. No offense to LifeSiteNews or Campagne Québec-Vie, but they don’t come close to getting the same traffic as Wikipedia. Check out the chart below. The blue line is the number of unique visitors at Wikipedia, which averages about 80 million per month. The green line is LifeSiteNews, which gets about 120,000 unique visitors per month. That’s really high for a pro-life site, but not enough to wreck your reputation in the same way that Wikipedia could. Click on the chart to enlarge.

By the way, don’t be surprised if the Wikipedia pages above have changed by the time you click on the links. Since these pages are not advantageous to Fr. Gravel’s lawsuit, they could very well get scrubbed. But fear not, Socon or Bust has saved copies. 🙂

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