Fr. Gravel is dead

Let us pray that he repented of his grievous public sins against the Faith and the Unborn before he died.

And if he did, may God welcome him into the Kingdom.

I am fearful, however, that the scandal he inflicted on the Church will perpetuate with a public funeral….with no qualification or mention of his abortion views.

In some ways, the upcoming spectacle will be a fitting end to a chapter in Quebec’s sad ecclesiastical history since the Quiet Revolution.

3 thoughts on “Fr. Gravel is dead

  1. I too fear what will happen in the wake of Father Gravel’s death. I am at a loss to explain the silence of his bishop in the face of public scandal. However, a very holy priest told me that many bishops are not men of faith. I hope this is not the case. Perhaps the bishops of Quebec, so long battered, are afraid of being attacked once more. I pray that this man had a conversion, and that, if he is in the kingdom of heaven, that he works to undo the wrong he has done.

  2. As far as I know, he was never reprimanded by his bishop – what a disgrace this whole mess is for the church in Quebec and Canada. I do hope his Life Site News lawsuit will be dropped.

  3. False prophets can be identified by their opposition to the tenets of Christianity. Those who say they have been called by our Triune God have a higher accountability, to Him and to the ones they are supposed to serve. This ought to be remembered by our leaders. Who will they choose Christ or Barabbas? Who is responsible for the sinful state of Canadian and Western Democracy,where not long ago school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer every school morning? This is a political question,but we do live in a democracy,where every individual is accountable for his political decisions. When children are politically allowed now to be legally conditioned in schools,by adult teachers and homosexual activists,how will this effect the future generations? If now isn’t the time to politically organize and try to change things,when will it be?As you know or ought too,our elected politicians pass Bills into Laws that are imposed on everyone,including university students to Kindergarteners.

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