Fr. Corapi’s Jig is Up

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Fr. Corapi’s meteoric rise in the American Church is an indictment against the Church’s hierarchy for creating a void where orthodox preaching could be exploited for money, drugs, and loose women.

Corapi will be held accountable one day, but so will all of those glad-handlers in the Church that effectively created his niche where he could comfortably apply his trade — all because they refused to preach robust Catholicism.

Preaching is subject to the laws of supply and demand, too.  If there was plenty of supply, Corapi would not have been in so much demand…and would not have led so many astray.

Please pray for Fr. Corapi that he may recover his moral and religious sense and return to his Order.  Also pray that this sad situation is not lost on Church leadership and their own role in causing such a scandal.

5 thoughts on “Fr. Corapi’s Jig is Up

  1. “Corapi will be held accountable one day, but so will all of those glad-handlers in the Church that effectively created his niche where he could comfortably apply his trade — all because they refused to preach robust Catholicism.”

    Sadly, Pacheco, I have to agree with what you are saying on Fr. Corapi based on this statement. My sadness is geared to the fact that once again the clergy has failed the Church because a) One ordained minister abused their position in power and led a life contrary to the true role of priest, giving more power and credence to the Church’s enemies who say “You priests are all rich selfish pigs who live in luxury” and b) the general Church decided to be lukewarm with the faith, therefore creating this need that Fr. Corapi could exploit to carry our his deadly sins.

  2. Why are we so quick to condemn? Fr. Corapi denies the allegations. Isn’t one presumed innocent until ..? The scripture say judge not . Do you have information that we’re not aware of? Are we jumping on the bandwagon that presumes he’s guilty because he’s a priest accused by the word of someone else. There’s no burden of proof needed when it comes to the clergy, it seems. Anyone can simply accuse any priest of whatever with a story, true or not. Let’s not add to the woes of our battered clergy. God bless you with wisdom and truth.

  3. It wasn’t just anyone who accused him. It was the Order he belongs to, based on his emails and a thorough investigation.
    He was exposed to a lot more temptation than most of us will ever have but the good lesson is, don’t look for hero’s. Be one yourself.

  4. I’m truly sorry that the wave of priestly scandals rocking the Church of Christ has made you very synical.

    However, in this case, I feel your profesionnal skepticism as an amateur blogging journalist has gotten the worse of you. Excellent journalism requires thourough investigation: how else can the truth be discovered which in todays society is burried beneath mountains of misinformation and disinformation.

    Your hastily written “opinion piece” was based on an early media breaking statement by SOLT, the sole piece of evidence used for your “report”. And how quick you were to take the stone and cast it at Fr. Corapi!!! I can think of at least 5 Christian actions you could have performed that cold have very positive effect on the outcome of this type of situation.

    -Pray to God for Fr. Corapi that he would convert should the allegations have any basis in reality; pray for Fr Corapi to receive courage and perseverance to endure the trial of unjust accusations assuming he were innocent; pray that he would reconsider his decision; pray for the superiors to answer Fr. Corapi’s demands that they adopt a process that respects his basic human and civil rights. (This last bit about the unbelievably unfair process came out in the media much later.)

    -Pray to God for guidance perhaps to write to the superiors, to Fr. Corapi or perhaps only to write a balanced account of this ongoing saga based of whatever facts were and would become available. Having read a few pieces from errant catholics bloggers and journalists (beholden to the antagonistic hierarchy), I can only tell you that people need more help in finding the truth, more instruction on how to weigh/discern the evidence in order to arrive at a correct understanding of history and fianally arrive at wise decisions for the conduct of their christian lives.

    Alas, you failed to follow the essential course of Christian prerequisites. One could only expect as a result you to fail in the human and journalistic requisites. This error not only render your action spiritually sterile (no merits and graces flowing forth to establish God’s kingdom on earth). Moreover, you produced a trully flawed (opinion piece) commentary.

    John, I trully appreciate your critical analysis in most of your commentaries; I even enjoy your irony and sarcasms. My pleasure derives from a love of the truth because I recognize the truth in most of your blog entries. The truth is present in your blog entries because you know the teaching of Jesus and above all you know the facts about those topics you expound upon.

    However in the case of the Fr. Corapi saga…. I really have to admit that you have trully missed the mark.

    I would suggest that you read the various posts in which Fr. Corapi unveils the more objectionable apects of the situation. You can then “cheer the Heart of Jesus” and insert an addendum to this blog post wherein you correct your many errors of fact and sins against charity.

    You spiritual life will benefit from and increase of Faith, Hope and Charity. I garantee this on the Gospel. But most of all, your christian blogging ministry will blossom in ways you never tought possible.

    Albert Côté

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