Fr. Corapi and the lesson learned with celebrity, media-savvy priests

As many of you might know by now, Fr. John Corapi has decided to continue his public ministry outside of the Catholic Church.  Socon or Bust is not going to help feed the speculation and gossip surrounding Fr. Corapi’s tragic case.  We believe nothing good comes from it.  We will say, however, that there are many unsettling and disturbing elements in Fr. Corapi’s course of action (not the least of which is broken obedience) which time will one day either vindicate or expose.  And right now, to be quite frank, it doesn’t look too good.  We will also say how thoroughly disappointed we are in AmChurch’s current process of adjudicating the claims against accused priests.  The controversy surrounding Fr. Corapi would never have happened if we did not have such a weak and, frankly, compromised episcopacy who are more interested in being good politicians than good spiritual fathers.  That’s the truth and everyone knows it.

As Socon or Bust has always maintained, in these days of ravenous wolves who are devouring Christ’s flock, we adjure you, dear reader, to keep close to Jesus Christ and His Mother, the Blessed Sacrament, and the Pope and the bishops united with him.   Jesus never promised us a rose garden.  He only promised that His Church and Her teachings, and not necessarily the individuals in it, would not fail.  But everything else is, as we are painfully discovering, fair game…to the ruin of many souls.

Socon or Bust also wishes to remind our readers that, while it is good and honourable to have a healthy relationship and admiration for a good and holy priest, it is also important not to identify the priest, his personality, and his particular charism as being intrinsically tied to the Faith.  If you are more devoted to a particular priest or even a particular private devotion over and above the teaching authority of the Magisterium, you are in serious danger of losing your Faith.  When the devil strikes, you’d better know WHO you believe in, and it had better be Jesus and the Church He established on earth.  When the sword strikes – and it will – make sure you fall on the side of fidelity to the Church.

We are living in a perilous time where both lone rangers and company ‘yes’ men have great influence in the priesthood.  And neither of these groups truly serve the Lord.  The Devil has sifted us and now is reaping a handsome reward indeed.

There are many “superstar” media priests in the Catholic Church today.  We even have one or two here in Canada.  This instructive controversy surrounding Fr. John Corapi and the proven scandals of other celebrity priests should cause all Catholics to have a healthy skepticism about their motives, especially when they look, act and organize themselves more like corporate professionals serving the “bling” rather than reflecting the priesthood of Jesus Christ.  Any priest who is a CEO of a corporation needs to have some extra scrutiny applied to their business dealings.

This whole scandal should cause all of us, yours truly included, to soberly reflect on why we are doing what we are doing.  Are we seeking our own kingdoms?  Or are we seeking the Lord’s?

7 thoughts on “Fr. Corapi and the lesson learned with celebrity, media-savvy priests

  1. The devil doesn’t care how he wins souls, as long as he wins them. He uses heterodoxy, but he’ll use orthodoxy as well, if it suits his purpose. I wasn’t a devoted fan of Fr. Corapi, but I never heard a single unorthodox word from his mouth. Every word of his dripped with fidelity to Church teaching AND tradition. And he drew so many to him, and the people who were drawn to him had every reason to be so, because he was good at what he did: expound on the Catholic faith. That being said, if devotion to Fr. Corapi, and his downfall, should shake the faith of weak souls, the devil is happy with that. Our faith should be in Jesus Christ and the infallibility of Church teaching, and that’s it. Every separation from Jesus or his Church is a victory for the devil.

  2. I’m still very disturbed about this event. Like you said, Suzanne, everything he ever said was (and is still) completely faithful to the teachings of the Church. I loved watching him.

    I just can’t see how this is going to turn out for the good. This is precisely the problem with today’s church: it’s not what they say that’s important, it’s how they live that is.

  3. Six guys with whom I went to high school became priests. To that group I have added four more priests who have been particularly influential on me and my family (one since deceased). Although I rarely speak with any of them, and some are out of town, those ten are “my” priests and I pray for them in a particular way every day.

  4. All I have to say is that I find all of this very upsetting, I thought it was a joke when I first heard it from my husband yesterday until I looked at his website. We need to pray for him.

  5. Dear friends, I have the impression that Father Corapi has been judged by many people as a fallen priest without really knowing what has happened. It would be wise to go to this website and get more clarifications on the subject: The posts of June 23 and June 21 are very informative.
    Let’s not forget that he had a lot of ennemies in the Church – even among bishops and priests – for his way of preaching the Truth clearly, without compromise or dilution. I still believe that he has a great deal to give to the Catholic Church and her wandering sheeps. Let us all pray for him and for all priests and bishops.

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