Fr. Barron’s dangerous mistakes about hell

As reported by Michael Voris in the video below, Fr. Robert Barron has made some bizarre statements about hell. He doesn’t go as far as to claim that everybody will be saved, but he says we may “reasonably hope that all people will be saved.”  He also frequently speaks of “hell as a possibility.” The video in which Fr. Barron gives these opinions is here (his opinion begins at 5:30).

I don’t want to make this post about Fr. Barron. I respect him and acknowledge that he’s done lots of good stuff. Rather, I want to focus on upholding the Truth and not diluting the doctrine of hell. As Voris eloquently explains, Jesus himself and some epistles make it abundantly clear that some people will be damned. It’s tragic but its true. To claim otherwise is folly.

Even the claim that the Church has never pronounced on this issue seems very suspect to me. Looking in the Catechism, paragraph 633 says:

Jesus did not descend into hell to deliver the damned, nor to destroy the hell of damnation, but to free the just who had gone before him. (Source)

Notice that it doesn’t say “to deliver anybody that might have been damned”. There’s no conditional tense. It’s a pretty plain admission that some damned people were found there.

Then in paragraph 1034 we read:

Jesus solemnly proclaims that he “will send his angels, and they will gather… all evil doers, and throw them into the furnace of fire,” and that he will pronounce the condemnation: “Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire!” (Source)

Again, there’s no conditionality here. It’s pretty definitive that there will be some people going to hell. Jesus himself solemnly proclaims it.

Why does Fr. Barron always refer to hell with the expression “hell as a possibility?” If he means that hell might not exist, then that’s heresy. Hell is part of the Doctrine of the Faith. Period.

Don’t be fooled. Hell is real. Damnation is real. In fact, if you read the Saints and Doctors of the Church, you’ll not only find unanimity on the reality of damnation, but also a preponderance of views that the majority of humans will be damned. Again, this is based on Christ’s own words: “For many are called, but few are chosen” (Matt 22:14); “For the gate is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (Matt 7:14), etc.

“Few” was never meant to designate a majority. Even less does it mean the totality of humanity, as Fr. Barron is implying could happen.

Life is serious business.  This isn’t a dry run or warm-up heat.  No undo button here.  Nevertheless, if you do your honest best to live the Gospel and obey the Church, God’s mercy will take care of you. You’ll have nothing to worry about.

4 thoughts on “Fr. Barron’s dangerous mistakes about hell

  1. Well, done, Squeaker.

    It all comes from the desire to please people and make the Gospel more palatable for them. It doesn’t work.

  2. Whether or not all will be saved, you should most defintely be HOPING all will be saved. That is the point. That, and the idea that for any individual person, we may (and should) hope for their salvation. For example, a relative who may not have been a churchgoer, on his death we can hope that he may have had a conversion experience before his death, even if we did not witness it. Be careful quoting extremists like Voris over sound theologians like Fr. Barron. If something doesn’t sound right, read it again more carefully and charitably.

  3. Hello Allan,

    I am not choosing Voris over Fr. Barron. I’m choosing the Magisterium of the Church, and you should too.

    I’ve compared Fr. Barron’s statements directly from his own mouth and his own pen, and compared them to Scripture and the Magisterium. They don’t match.

    I would respectfully submit that you should leave enough distance between yourself and any preacher so that your vision of the Magisterium is not obstructed.

  4. I want to add that Micheal Voris is not an extremist but one who knows the Catholic Faith and seeks to follow it without compromise. Many people label anyone who speaks Truth in boldness an extremist. In fact Thank You Lord for Micheal Voris. He has more genuine humility than most so-called
    “sound” theologians, (and that adjective itself could be argued, when it pertains to some theologians who like to wax niceties and attempt to keep the fact that the Church is an extreme crisis because of unsound Doctrine being spewed out as Truth to the trusting and those new to the Faith who are so confusing, so ho-hum middle of the road, not even true to the very teachings of Jesus, and do not follow exactly what Jesus
    has so clearly stated Himself. And…That is the point.

    No-one has said that we are not called to pray that people surrender to God’s offer of Mercy through Jesus at the hour of death or before…but
    as was already said, and even by Our Blessed Virgin Mother and Queen Mary…souls are falling into Hell like snowflakes. What exactly is the problem here with that being abundantly clear as was stated before, even by many Saints and Angels, including St. Faustina?.
    What is not clear about the statement. The road is wide that leads to destruction and there are many who follow it , but the road to Life is narrow and few are they who find it. Please excuse my para-phrasing.

    To be quite honest, I am tired of certain people putting Micheal Voris’ teachings down, and I for one am deeply grateful to God for him. The people who God has appointed to teach and keep the Deposit of Faith as it once was and always will be established from the beginning have not, and instead, have attempted rationalize and justify and otherwise confuse horribly the flock, instead of owning their own sin, confessing it asking Almighty God’s forgiveness and make the proper amendments to hopefully turn the wretched mess around that began by their disobedience. The rot began with those who were given express Authority as God’s Shepherds to keep the deposit of Faith intact, and watch over His Sheep, and they have turned from that by going their own ways in disobedience whilst have the pride to preach to the laity about accountability, confession, and repentance. They are not doing what they tell God’s sheep to do, and they think they can cover it up? Is it any wonder why God has allowed so many to leave in disgust about the blatant hypocrisy , and this will fall on their shoulders, come Judgement Day, but in their pride they seem to care little,( Lord Have Mercy on these souls!!!) about the outrages of sin they think is hidden but as God says He Will and is bringing into the Light. His Light. Please do not call Micheal Voris an extremist. You may do well to ask yourself why his speaking Truth bothers you and what is your motive in calling him that.? I certainly have learned more about the Catholic Faith studying the Catechism, reading of the Saints of Old, who I was told by a certain “Catholic” Pastor, at a Parish I once attended by the way ” That we do not follow those old Saints anymore, referring to my quoting St. John Vianney’s ,The Little Catechism, and/St Francis de De Sales, and speaking on the matter of Hell and the truth regarding original sin, and how when we sin it is now labeled something else, anything but never sin. The Modern Church certainly has no Pastors “obsessing” by the way about matters of abortion, contraception, or homosexuality. In fact to even hear them mention these serious topics these days, might make one sit up and take notice, they are spoken of so rarely if at all by most of the Priests I hear. I attend daily Mass, I might add at different Parishes and the status quo is pretty much intact. In fact at one time you actually heard a Homily that was in keeping with the Readings and Gospel, not twisted in some Post Vatican 11 way or otherwise to made some light joke -filled analogy that is subjective to the Priest. That is not what the Homilies I heard once as a child were like. Again…the Professional Catholics are enemies of The Truth and they will hate slander,
    backstab and try to detract about those who are seeking to follow the Truth, and are not getting it taught and spoken of in God’s Holy Church as it should Be, Period.
    The challenge today is to remain Faithful to Jesus and Mary and Joseph despite what is going on in the very place where Truth should be at the forefront, and people should be clamoring over one another to get to it.
    How His and very own make Him weep.

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