Fr. Arriaga’s organization signs on to calling pro-life amendments “discriminatory” and “institutional violence”

As you’ve heard by now, Fr. Luis Arriaga, who heads a Mexican group that advocates for abortion rights, has been invited to give several lectures in churches in the Archdiocese of Ottawa. Fr. Arriaga is the leader of an organization called the “Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Center for Human Rights,” which has signed its name to various pro-abortion policy statements in Mexico.

This post provides some gory details on one such statement. The document in question is a March 2010 report to the UN Human Rights Committee prepared by organizations forming part of a network called “All Rights for All” (Todos los Derechos para Todas y Todos).  Fr. Arriaga’s group is proudly listed on the second page as a signatory of this statement.

The document relates many human rights abuses taking place in Mexico. One of them, according to the authors, is the increased incidence of pro-life constitutional amendments being implemented in various Mexican states. I’ll let you read their own words from paragraphs 15 to 18 of the document. You can decide yourselves if Fr. Arriaga should be allowed to lecture in our parishes. Note: there’s no translating here because the original document is in English.

15. In the period to December 2009 there have been reforms to local constitutions in 17 of the 31 states of Mexico to protect the right to life from the moment of conception or fertilization of the egg by sperm. These initiatives establish the moment of conception as the time when the egg is fertilized and this is contrary to the definition offered by medical science. In addition, approval of similar initiatives is pending in another 6 states.

16. The immediate consequences of these reforms are as follows:
  • The impossibility of using an Intrauterine Device since one if its mechanisms is to impede implantation of the fertilized egg in the endometrium. This is the second most popular contraceptive method used by women in Mexico (exceeded only by the definitive method of tubal ligation)
  • The impeding of regulation for the offering of medical services to terminate pregnancy
  • Penalization for women having abortions
  • The generation of insecurity with respect to application of the Official Mexican Norm that regulates criteria for the prevention of and attention to domestic and sexual violence against women and which provides for emergency contraceptive methods for women who have been raped.

17. These reforms fail to recognize the right of women to a decent life, their personal integrity, the protection of their health, respect for their dignity, equal protection under the law without any form of discrimination, effective recourse, a private life, freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, free choice concerning their life and the ability to make a free, responsible and informed decision concerning the number and spacing of their children while also denying the effective enjoyment, exercising and protection of these rights.

18. These local reforms are discriminatory as they  represent an action based on gender since only women can become pregnant. They impose pregnancy against women’s free will and dignity and essentially label women human incubators. These reforms also lead to physical, sexual and psychological harm since women are forced to seek clandestine abortions. These actions by local congresses represent acts of institutional violence and for this reason the lack of legislative harmonization for federal and state laws (derived from numerous recommendations made to the Mexican State) not only remains a pending topic but also violates the principal of equality since they establish a difference between women living in Mexico City, who enjoy the right to terminate a pregnancy during the first 12 weeks, and those who  live in one of the states where constitutional reform has made abortion a crime. (Source)

Human incubators? Are you serious?

Enjoying the right to abortion? Is this really a Catholic priest co-signing these statements?

In my book (and in Archbishop Prendergast’s book, I’m sure) a constitutional amendment to protect life from conception to natural death would be a dream come truth.  Obviously not for Fr. Arriaga.

Somebody explain to me why this priest is being given a hero’s welcome and a lecture circuit in Ottawa churches?


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