Fr. Arriaga lavishes praises on pro-abortion advocate

The guest speaker at the Archbishop’s home this weekend is Fr. Luis Arriaga, who heads a Mexican group that advocates for abortion rights. There’s so much evidence of their anti-life stances on the web. Here’s another example.

Last November, some anti-life “human rights” groups held their “Hermila Galindo” award ceremony to celebrate the achievements of some of their militants. Think of it as the Oscars for Lefties. I’ll spare you the details and get straight to the point.

The prize for Person of the Year 2010 went to María Consuelo Mejía Piñeros, a member of an organization called PUEG. Here’s how they describe the “achievements” that earned her the award (bear with me, it’s a long sentence):

As a result of her ample experience with respect to defense of themes related to reproductive rights and access to legal and safe abortion, as well as her work in evaluating policies on reproductive health and themes related to women’s sexual and reproductive rights, and human rights, gender equality and equity and the position of women in the Catholic Church, María Consuelo Mejía Piñeros received the Hermila Galindo Award in the category Person of the Year 2010, from the hands of the researcher of the College of Mexico, Elena Urrutia. (Source)

Many left-wing militants were in attendance and were quoted in the article heaping praise on the various winners of prizes. Here’s what is reported of Fr. Luis Arriga and his comments about Consuelo Mejía, the pro-abortion woman above (“CDHDF” mentioned below is the group hosting these Oscars):

The President of the CDHDF  gave the floor to Luis Arriaga, Director of the CentroProdh, who exclaimed that the feminist movement has taught great lessons and its beckoning is and will always be necessary to build new modes of human relationships. He recognized the invaluable support provided to the CentroProdh by the activities advanced by Consuelo Mejía and the PUEG.

So this woman’s abortion advocacy is not a problem in his eyes? What kind of a Catholic operation is Fr. Luis running?


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