Fountain of Booty

I’m not sure who is at fault in the dispute between Salt + Light and the representatives of the Chinese Catholic Community who, by the way, have issued their own press release on the subject here  (H/T Vox Cantoris who is walking the beat on this story).  

From a purely public relations angle, however, it’s simply not looking good for our Channel of Hope. 

It all looks like a fight over control of the Chinese Catholic Community and the bucks they can bring in.   In Salt + Light’s case, could it be to keep the boat afloat? Sometimes, tapping into ethnic communities can be a real cash cow in order to help finance the airing of dissident views. (Flashback:  Voris lowers the boom on Baum & Rosica — Winnipeg Statement Mentioned!)

Who really cares who is in charge if we’re all on the same team, anyhow?  You know, the “New Evangelization” shtick that we’re always on about.  “Unity!  Fraternity!  Hopey, Dopey!”

Didn’t Jesus say something about settling before you went to court?  Good advice for Fr. Rosica and Salt + Light, methinks.

Too much salt and not enough light leaves one in darkened places and with a bad taste in one’s mouth.

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