Forty-One Bishops Oppose New Vatican Document

No less than 41 bishops rose in protest of the document after it was read to them and while the document was being presented to the Vatican press corps. Noted Vatican journalist Sandro Magister reported:

Under the gunfire of aroung 41 interventions, Cardinals Pell [Secretary for the Economy], Ouellet [Prefect for Bishops], Filoni [Prefect for Propaganda Fide], Dolan [of New York], Vingt-Trois [of Paris], Burke [Prefect of Apostolic Signatura], Rylko [President of Laity], Müller [Prefect of Doctrine of the Faith], Scola [of Milan], Caffarra [of Bologna] among others spoke up, all against an opening to second marriages as proposed by Cardinal Kasper, who also intervened. (Source)

We’ll all find out how humble the Pope is.  And no, please, I do not accept in any way that the document did not meet with his approval.  We all have to take responsibility for our mistakes.  I just hope he admits me made a big one.  It takes humility, after all. We shall find out if he has some….the real kind.

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