2 thoughts on “Former Lesbian Reveals the Real Reason She Was Drawn to the Gay Lifestyle

  1. What a beautiful and well written article. Thank you for your courage and honesty regarding this subject. May God bless you in abundance.

  2. Many don’t remember when Canadian schoolchildren started their mornings with The Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers, and The Ten Commandment’s were on Government, Court , and Schoolhouse walls. These were considered unconstitutional in the 1960’s by So-called “neutral” secular civil liberties association Politicians, Judges, and Teachers. The majority of Western Democratic people swallowed this lie,including clergy and laity.

    The Emperor of Rome, Constantine had converted to Christianity about 307, and Western Civilization started to become more civilized. Things weren’t perfect ,but they were getting better, because of The God who created men and women in his own image. To desecrate that image by normalizing perversion to impressionable schoolchildren,as a legalized so-called human rights is diabolical. So it is for Christians in this democracy who do not organize politically, to put an end to this evil. Prayer in this democracy to Jesus, ought to inspire one to get involved in politics where our laws are made, like it did Professors Tom and Molly Landers. Look at Mother Mary’s prayer in The Holy Bible. It honors Jesus.

    Then about 1968 The Secular War Against The Family started to heat up, by Government Bills being passed into law accepting no-fault divorce as the legalized norm, in the 1970’s abortion on demand etc., Kinsey so-called Sex Education which destroy children’s innocence by normalizing perverted secular morality,which still claims to be neutral,in the 2000’s homosexual marriage, as a legalized so-called human right, allowing them to come into schools to promote their views,and recruit impressionable children.

    If Christians want to remain politically relevant ,then they ought not to remain naive to this, but politically organize to protect their children, as the sexual predators are politically active recruiting innocent Canadian schoolchildren in schools,as so-called legalized Canadian human rights. Wake up politically and serve Christ where our laws are made. He knows how his disciples changed the World 180,and how the majority of you politically serve someone else now. You have politicians like William Wilberforce among you. Vote for them for Christ’s sake!

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