Former Gay Blogger Inspiring Others

…Eventually, though, Moore would learn to love God and began to seek Him. Moore’s blog post says he finally sought God, and this time not merely as a solution to his homosexuality. He told CP that it is idolatry to simply seek out a “sexual conversion,” and churches need to understand this point.

“I think that their call out to homosexuals is, ‘Come to Jesus and he’ll make you straight,’ whereas the Bible doesn’t promise that…The Bible doesn’t promise that our temptations will end. Actually, it promises that temptations shall surely come…With some people it’s heterosexual lust, with some people it’s anger, with some people it’s homosexual desires,” said Moore….(Source)

This is a great story, and what he says above is actually the Catholic view.  We are all sinners in need of Grace and forgiveness.

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