Former Chretien minister drops Liberal bid over Trudeau’s abortion policy

“Five weeks ago I was called for a second interview, where I was advised that that the ‘rapid response team’ had concerns over my pro-life activities in my local Catholic Church as well as petitions I presented while a Member of Parliament,” he wrote.

And so it begins.  The purging of pro-life citizens from the political process.

2 thoughts on “Former Chretien minister drops Liberal bid over Trudeau’s abortion policy

  1. Think of how this political apathy,and indifference by our voting society has effected schoolchildren,who are indoctrinated into believing perversion is normal, as legalized human rights. They grow up as adult professionals who post videos justifying their own abortions, because they were indoctrinated from kindergarten to university this way. There are Pro-life politicians like William Wilberforce , and Abraham Lincoln of old, to support today. This political Culture War can be won with your political support. Remember the politicians you elect to rule you, and your families pass Bills into Laws that are forced on everyone,as legalized human rights.

  2. When it comes to matters that can infringe on one’s beliefs, nobody, including Mr. Trudeau, should be forcing anyone (including our politicians in power or otherwise) to vote against their own conscience. It is good however that the Liberal agenda is out in the open. There will be no more votes won on the false ideology of Mr. Trudeau being a good and faithful Catholic as past Trudeau voters were misled to believe. At least we can see the wolf for who he really is…….a dictator that has no concern whatsoever for what is right. Interestingly, he proposes that he and the Liberal agenda must be respected and obeyed, yet, he shows no qualms in going against (and subsequently disrespecting and disobeying) what the church he supposedly adheres to teaches. His message is clear……he need not respect any authority or hierarchy, but you, little people (or should we be honest and refer to ourselves as exactly what he is treating us as “useful idiots”), had better succumb to HIS authority. Interesting isn’t it? Talk about “do as I say and not as I do”!!!! He has lost many Liberal voters already and as people shake their heads and wake up he will lose more. Deo Gratias!

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