Former CBC National reporter endorses CBC Exposed

Check out Brian Lilley’s new book.

Brian brought a box of these to Action Life’s fundraiser a couple of weeks ago.  Before the event, he asked me if it would be OK to sell some copies of his new book at the Fundraiser, considering the rather racey cover.  He had no control over the cover, by the way.  He was justifiably worried that it might offend some of the older folks at the Fundraiser.  I was a little hesitant, but I told him he could bring it out…but to be discreet in flashing the cover around.

Later he recounted to me that the biggest demographic who bought his book that night were the little old ladies!

Some things are just so damn funny.

By the way, our MC at the Children of Paraguay fundraiser was a local CBC anchor.   Quite a decent fellow, as it turned out.  I had the inkling to bring one of Brian’s books and give it to him as a thank you, but in the end I didn’t have the guts.


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