Former Catholic Caritas head hired by pro-abortion globalist group ‘The Elders’


And they you are folks. The former head honcho of the social justice industry in the Catholic Church just slips in with the International Star Chamber wannabes, The Elders.  I mean, seriously, what a pathetic, stereotypical name they picked for themselves.  It’s more comical than anything else.

These, my friends, are the kind of people who have been major powerbrokers in the Catholic Church during the past 40 years.  It’s precisely the reason why the Church and the Culture are in the gutter.  And it’s precisely the reason that we must continue to expunge them everywhere and anywhere we see them in the Church.


2 thoughts on “Former Catholic Caritas head hired by pro-abortion globalist group ‘The Elders’

  1. Wow! This must be the biggest “I told you so” ever. Given that these types have been running the Church for decades, things can only get better going forward.

  2. Squeaker, things will only get beter as long as we keep exposing them and refusing to tolerate their dissent. We in the pews need to take on a no more Mr Nice Catholic attitude.

    When we see any hint of the social justice agenda when it dissents in any way from what the church teaches, we need to put the heat on them ourselves. Make them uncomfortable, and UNWELCOME.

    Then they will have to decide what they want more: Acceptance from the public at large and their liberal friendsn during their short sojourn on earth, or whether the approval of the eternal king is more important.

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