Retired Belgian Cardinal’s offices raided

Police in Belgium have raided the offices of the Archbishop of Brussels, and the home of retired Cardinal Godfried Daneels, in an investigation of sexual abuse.

A police spokesman said that the raids were “related to the sexual abuse of children within the Church.” It was not clear whether the investigation was focused on the handling of complaints by archdiocesan officials, or possible charges of misconduct by those officials themselves.

Cardinal Daneels, who stepped down in February at the age of 77, after more than 30 years at the head of the Brussels archdiocese, was on hand to observe the search. Police took his computer and boxes full of documents from his office. The search was conducted at both the offices of the archdiocese and the retired cardinal’s residence outside Brussels. A spokesman for Cardinal Daneels said that he was cooperating fully with the investigation.

The cardinal’s successor, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, was not at his office at the time of the police raid; he was attending a meeting of the Belgian hierarchy. (Source)

Isn’t it interesting how immorality invariably follows from pastoral directives and doctrine.  Not sure if the cops find anything on the child abuse going on in Daneels’ diocese, but if they do, I will not be surprised.

Any bishop who dissents from the Church’s teaching on condoms or Humanae Vitae should be disregarded completely.  They can’t be trusted.

Which really doesn’t say too much for our Canadian bishops and their dissent and continued support of the Winnipeg Statement.

One thought on “Retired Belgian Cardinal’s offices raided

  1. In his book 1984, Orwell tells a story of a society where a repressive bureaucratic elite manipulates the very thoughts of the citizens by controlling their language. Old words with comfortable familiar meanings are either scuttled into disuse, or are redefined to fit the elite’s pernicious perspective. They are slyly emptied of their common significance and filled with an alien denotation. Thus according to,” NEWSPEAK”, words like responsible, neutral, choice, fetus, gay, morality, relationship openly endorse alien concepts. According to Orwell, the purpose of Newspeak is to make all other modes of thought impossible.
    Orwell meant his book to be a warning. Whoever defines the words defines the culture. Sadly we have failed to heed his warning.

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