Forbidden Love: The Next Progressive Frontier

As this clip shows us, our society needs to be more tolerant of incest. We’ve come so far and live in such a progressive society, it is hard to imagine how people simply do not understand that different couples have different needs.  Remember when people use to get all uptight at gay marriage?  They did not understand that it was merely about understanding different orientations.  Hetero, homo, beastie, or incestual. It’s all the same. None is superior to the other.  We’re all perfectly egalitarian in our relationships.  Let’s not judge. All we need is love and respect.

Why should marriage be based on biology, anyhow? I thought we discarded these antiquated notions. It’s all about consent, isn’t it?  That’s what same-sex marriage taught us.

I think this couple should complain to the European Human Rights Commission where a more liberal and compassionate approach to this question can be heard by even more liberal “judges”. I mean, can’t you see the guy’s tears? How cruel! Why should they and the beasties be the only ones discriminated against? Everybody else gets a free pass. That’s discrimination!

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