One thought on “For rapper set to perform at We Day Toronto, women are ‘b*tches’ and ‘whores’

  1. Christian Democracies shed Christianity in Government, Law and Education as Politically Unconstitutional, and converted to so-called Politically Correct”neutral” Secular Paganism starting in 1962 ,then as before about 307 when Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity from Paganism,Western Civilization went back politically and legally to Paganism. All the tenets of Paganism are nurtured into school children by adult teachers and homosexual activists, as so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan rights,from Kindergarten Through University. This way Western society is conditioned and reinforced to live by the tenets of Secular Paganism. The consequences of a society which chooses Barabbas over Christ are everywhere. Today a Christian family cannot flee the tyranny of Paganism in any country,because of the so-called Politically Correct Secular Democratic Agenda. Looks like former benevolent Democratic majorities have become Militant Seculars,including the leaders of the so-called edifices of Christ. Welcome to the Western Secular Pagan nightmare years,which are caused by the political apathy and indifference of voting Westerners.

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