For all you “Lord of the Rings” fans out there…

I’m a Lord of the Rings fan.  Not a crazy one, but a fan nonetheless.  I was talking to a friend about my little movie adventure last night, and he pointed out this little gem, The Hunt for Gollum.  It’s a fan film — that is, a film created and produced by fans with minimal costs because everything is basically donated. The cost of this thing was about $6000 U.S. Can you believe it?  George Lucas was right — and he called it decades ago — everyone can be a film producer today with accessible technology.

Check out the whole 40 minute production here. And it’s free!

“Things are changing in the world today, Frodo. The former kings and overlords of the media are losing their grip on the rings of accessibility and cost-advantage. Today even peasants can play ball and win!”

One thought on “For all you “Lord of the Rings” fans out there…

  1. Lovely move – saw it yesterday. It was very well done and made me nostalgic.

    Another movie in the same vein is Born of Hope (about the birth of Aragorn) – I have yet to see it but hopes are high!

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