6 thoughts on “For a non-Koolaid Catholic publication…

    • You’re right. I have deteriorated over the years. I use to be more careful. Your rebuke is accepted. I will repent! 🙂

      Or is that “used to be”? 🙂

    • Wait, Julie complains about bad spelling/grammar (which is definitely legitimate; if you’re publishing something on the internet, it’s still publishing, and care should be taken) and she is told to get a life. Aren’t you in just as much in need of “getting a life” if you made a post just to complain about hers? Hypocrite, thy name is Don Richard.

  1. Don Richard says. To Allen you Get a Life as well. After the many years of Paycheck’s faithful blogging trying to right a ship that has made a 180 turn and is now heading in the wrong direction, ( The Canadian Catholic Church). He has exposed dissent wherever it rears it’s ugly head and without fear I might add. To criticise someone that has engaged the Battle in the trenches like this man has over something as trivial as a misspelled word or improper punctuation is petty.The Truth is still true weather it is misspelled or not. P.S. As you can my see my spelling and grammer really Suck! And So What.

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