Followup letter to Archbishop Weisgerber

April 2, 2009 

Archbishop Weisgerber
Archbishop of Winnipeg
President, CCCB

Your Grace,

I happened to read a recent report on that you have stated the accusations against Development & Peace are untrue.  I am therefore writing to you to inform you that everything written about D&P on my blog, Socon or Bust, is absolutely true and absolutely correct .  From the information that I have read about your decision, you are basing your conclusions on irrelevant information or straw men assertions which no one has alleged.  Indeed, while LifeSiteNews and Socon Or Bust have asked D&P to address the incontrovertible fact that they are supporting organizations which support abortion, contraception, and other anti-family measures, their response is to deny that they are supporting organizations which provide abortion servicesObviously, these are completely different things. But for some unknown reason, you and some other bishops have chosen to accept an answer to a charge that we have never made, while ignoring our request to seek an answer for the charge that we have made. And so, D&P has provided you neither a denial nor an explanation as to why they are funding pro-abortion groups.  Why not?

Furthermore, apart from the duplicitous responses of Development & Peace in this matter, I am rather disturbed that you and other bishops have not treated this matter with the seriousness and sobriety that it most certainly deserves.  By basing your conclusions almost entirely on the mere denials of Development & Peace and their (pro-abort) partners, you have done a great disservice to the pro-life community who is on the front lines of fighting abortion in this country and around the world and who are virtually unanimous in their opinion about the scandalous and immoral practices of Development & Peace.  The fact that you and other bishops would necessarily assume that the representations of a few individuals at Development & Peace outweigh the stark, substantial, and voluminous evidence against them does not foster trust and confidence in your leadership or judgement.  I am not trying to cause you grief by saying this, your Grace. On the contrary, I am merely trying to protect your credibility and the credibility of your solemn office and to show you that the conclusions that you have made have consequences in how we perceive your pastoral solicitude of us, especially when the clear and evident facts speak so strongly against your judgement. 

Moreover, you have concluded that the allegations against Development & Peace were “untrue” without any sort of fair, transparent, and unbiased investigation and despite the overwhelming evidence readily available.  One of your colleagues has even called the reports a “malicious attack”.   And yet, it is very plain and obvious for anyone who has taken the time to review the evidence from multiple sources around the internet – many of which come from the websites of the pro-abort partners themselves – that there has been no malicious attack on anyone and no falsehoods reported. (By the way, your Grace, did you read my latest discovery about the Nigerian condom bottles that D&P wants our youth to learn about?

It’s the truth, your Grace. And nothing but the truth.  And that, I humbly submit, is what you must face.   I invite you once again to review the evidence for yourself and draw your own conclusions instead of accepting the blanket denials of Development & Peace.  Here is the index page that I have established for this purpose:

I also ask you to reflect on your fatherly concern and duty for the spiritual children under your care, and how it is necessary to be vigilant and constant in your search for the truth when there are controversies. This becomes even more of a solemn duty when the evidence being presented contradicts the claims of some of your children. I am sure you will agree, your Grace, that the painful and recent sex scandals in the Church could have been somewhat mitigated by a more discerning and incisive posture by the shepherds of the Church.  This observation, I assure you, is no less true with the scandal that is before you today. 

I sincerely hope that you will reconsider your judgement for the good of the Church, for the truth, and for the sanctity of human life which the Canadian Church is now, sadly, openly attacking.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

John Pacheco


5 thoughts on “Followup letter to Archbishop Weisgerber

  1. We need to include letters to the heads of the D& P organization as they are the ones at fault here. They need to be named and admonished moreso than the head of the bishop’s conference.

    Our spiritual father does not want to lose any of his children, and this posturing is so like anyone in his position historically. Just a reminder, but always go to him with love and submission as St. Catherine of Sienna went to Pope Gregory XI. When she converted the Men of War, she appealed to their consciences and the shortness of their life, asking them to change their ways in order to ammend and pay recompense for the mistakes they made in the past. These proved to be very useful tactics in bringing about the return of the papacy to Rome and sending and effort to reclaim the Holy Land. We too need to reclaim the Holy Church from infidels (metaphorically). This is not to say that our leadership is at fault, only that there are forces which are tearing the Body of Christ apart from within as well as from without.

    Stay True to Christ and do all for the Glory of God.


  2. I think that the above statement follows from the decision made in 1968. The Winnipeg statement that went against Humanae Vitae is taking it’s toll. God is not blessing the Church in Canada. As long as the Bishops refuse to acknowlege the wrong that was done at the time and retract the statement, we will keep on having problems.

    We, the Catholic people, need for you (our shepherds) to take responsiblity. A formal retraction is necessary so that we can trust that you are in communion with the Pope.

    A petition has been drawn up to remedy the situation. Please acknowledge and follow through. Thank you.

    Here is the link to the petition:

  3. I wonder if the prime concern re Development & Peace is the money that they have and want to continue receiving. I have a financial report from 2002 and the amount of money CCODP has to “spend” is enormous (millions).

    Each Canadian province has a representative – Regional Office. Quebec has FOUR Regional Offices.

    There are members on the National Council from each province –
    most provinces have one representative with the exception of the following:

    New Brunswick – 2
    Quebec – 6
    Ontario – 5
    Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops – 2 (one English and 1

    I have more detailed information and would be happy to share the information, even though out of date, if it would help.

    Development & Peace gave $11,000 to that famous Abortion
    March in 2000 (March for Women 2000).

    One of my notes from our meeting with Development & Peace back in 2002 states, “Development and Peace gets money from Catholics plus tax payers’ money BUT Development and Peace
    CANNOT spend this money on CATHOLIC PROJECTS!

    You may recall, staunch Catholic, Dr. Walley could not get any money from Development and Peace because he would not promote the agenda of CIDA. As an aside, CIDA raises 50% of funds through Catholic agencies.

    God bless.

  4. One more thing:

    The attack on the credibility of LifeSiteNews by the bishops is old rhetoric and most likely hearsay from the past to boot. “None are so blind as those who will not see.”

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