Fluking Us in Ottawa

From the Ottawa Catholic School Board’s Health Insurance Policy:

2. Drugs and medication

Drugs, serums, vaccines and injectables that either legally require a prescription or are only available by prescription and when prescribed by a physician or dentist and dispensed by a pharmacist, physician or dentist to a maximum of three months supply at one time.  [That means the birth control pill and abortion pill are covered.] Prescribed smoke cessation products will be covered to a maximum of $200 per lifetime or three months supply, whichever comes first, including the costs of attendance at special clinics. As well, drugs and supplies available without a prescription and required as a result of a colostomy or ileostomy* and/or for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, diabetes and Parkinson’s or heart disease. (Diaphragms, IUDs and breast pumps are not covered.) [The injustice and unfairness of it all!]


Charges for Viagra®/Levitra®/Cialis® will be covered to a maximum of $500 per year, provided there is co-medical attestation of an impotence problem. [That’s a relief. What would we do without our viagara!  Maybe we need to get Sandra Fluke up here to demand access to IUDs and Diaphragms, though.  We want to ensure all those fuddy-duddy Catholic contribute their fair share to our sterile sex lives!]

Source: Page 24

From a reader who flipped us this story:  “I know for a fact that the Catholic School Board in Ottawa self-insures and pays for The Pill for their teachers….so every dollar they spend on contraception is a Catholic taxdollar NOT spent on textbooks for kids! Given the news from Cardinal Burke that Catholic organizations CANNOT pay for contraception, why do Catholic school boards in Ontario do so?”

That’s a good question, but you won’t get any answer from the School Board or the Bishops.  And we all know why, too.  Neither of these groups have the guts to admit that one of them is really no longer Catholic and the other group doesn’t have the gonads to call a spade a spade and accept the consequences of starting again in Catholic education.  But the end is coming whether either group reads the blinking neon lights on the wall or not. 

Or God is not who He says He is.

5 thoughts on “Fluking Us in Ottawa

  1. This is par for the course in (likely) EVERY Catholic school board in Ontario. It certainly is true for my employer, Durham Catholic. A few years back, a Catholic teacher here attempted to have natural family planning training included and was met by a hostile brick wall. Could this situation be part of the explanation for the pusillanimity of the Church in Canada, and the shameful face of “Catholic” education, at least here in Ontario?

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  3. The time has come – overdue – when Catholics be Catholics – not just in name and that bishops be bishops – not just in name. Time to excommunicate dissenters – especially former prime ministers who advocated so much of ythis chaos in morality.

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