Flogging Tories

Just a moderator’s note: Please do not repost material from FreeDominion that is the subject of the CHRC complaint. Doing so exposes us, and this warning serves as clear notice that we will pursue civil action against anyone that in turn exposes us to CHRC action related to this complaint against FreeDominion.

Translation: here’s a warning that says if you get us in trouble with the CHRC for material we’ve warned you not to post, we will do what we can to recover our damages (from you) because this warning also indicates that as moderators and site owners, that we don’t want to have anything to do with the material that lands a person (rightly or wrongly — which is another debate) with a human rights complaint.

We think that a country is freer with true free speech and the Canadian laws are not ideal. Regardless, imperfect as they are, we must comply with them and we’d ask that you do the same.

Also, please do not post the name of the complainant or any information about her as there are specific laws against harassment that we must be aware of as well.



This is one of the reason I never joined Blogging Tories, among so many other reasons. 🙂

It’s too tied to the establishment and if there is a genuine risk to something so fundamental to a democracy like freedom of speech or authentic conservative values, you won’t find resistance with these guys. If we could describe them as a candy, marshmellows would come to mind.

They don’t want to save the titantic. They just want to steer it into the iceberg in such a way to limit the damage as much as possible.

They are just like liberals in the end. All opinion and no sacrifice, please. They are entitled to their entitlements, even if some poor SOB over at Free Dominion has to take the hit for them. Welcome to the new conservatism in Canada.

And we all wonder why we are in a democratic crisis in this country.

I’m with Jack on this one from 1:18-2:00…


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