Flip It, Ezra

Ezra Levant is a courageous man. On Friday, he flipped the bird at the Alberta Human Rights Commission. The AHRC, and the rest of the country’s human rights witch hunts, have long needed the bird flipped at them.Ezra is a long-time friend of mine and a former employee of this paper. That does not alter the fact that he is a courageous man….(Source)

Keep flipping Ezra. Keep flipping.

The differences between Ezra and the real racist bastards who participated in the Facebook group “Ezra Levant is a piece of shit JEW” is that

1) Ezra actually believes in free speech and won’t be going after them in the Star Chamber


2) Now that they have yanked this group from the public domain, we can all understand what a cowardly bunch of thugs we are dealing with.  These thugs, along with their leftist enablers, are petrified of  the vicious instrument that they have created, now support and wield against others.

What a pathetic and pitiable group of human beings we are dealing with.  It would be one thing if these people were shunned and pushed to the furthest regions of our society where they belong.  The problem, however, is that their perpetual victim mentality has reached the upper echelons of law in this country so that they wield that sword against us with virtual impunity.

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