Five Conservative Priorities Harper Must Address

1.  Abortion– Let the debate happen.  This is a democracy. Let our MPs vote freely according to their conscience.  This is the bare minimum for a respect for free speech.  Canadians have consistently said, time and time again, that we want a change in the abortion law.  Respect our voice, Mr. Harper.  Respect the voice of unborn Canadians, Mr. Harper.  You know, the silent scream that happens when they are torn apart?  The Conservatives are in power in large part because of the Catholic Vote.   The Catholic Vote is yours because the Liberals imposed sodomy on our nation, and you were the alternative.  We want a respect for life and decency.

2. Canadian Human Rights Commission– The totalitarian thugs who work for and who use these Kangaroo Kourts must have their powers and opportunities stripped and neutered.  They are a threat to religious freedom.   They are a threat to every decent Canadian whose ancestors bled for our freedom.  If the socialists want to be under the thumb of these Commissions, appoint a Religious Conservative as the Chief Commissar and create a special law for them.

3. CBC –  Cut their funding off for good and let them survive by democratic means i.e. let them raise their money from advertisers and regular Canadians.  In other words, let them work for their bread, like normal Canadians instead of being on the dole.  We didn’t elect the NDP or the Socialists to Parliament.  Why should we have to hear them blather on and propagandize to us on television on our dime?  Everybody knows this good-for-nothing sham network would die a quick death if it wasn’t for Ron Maclean and Cherry….and Cherry isn’t getting any younger.  Get rid of it.  Nobody watches it.  It sucks. And you can save us a ton of money, as a bonus.

4. Drop Bill C-51Going after bloggers is not the smartest thing in the world.  And neither is creating a vibrant victim economy in  Canada’s official victim and thought crime industry.

5. Spending & Tax Realignment – Lower our taxes and cut spending to social engineering programs and departments and concentrate on the basics like health care and defense.   Start with CIDA and the Marxist causes they support around the world through the socialist church organizations they fund.

You’ve got 4 years. Don’t piss it away. Do something good for our country and restore a little confidence and trust in “Conservative” politicians.

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