First they came for the cartoonists

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – A Dutch political cartoonist is facing possible hate crimes charges. The cartoonist, who works under the pseudonym Gregorius Nekschot, was arrested Tuesday and held overnight before being released. Officials say a criminal investigation is continuing into whether Nekschot’s work targets people because of their race or religion. Nekschot is known primarily for cartoons mocking Muslims and leftists. However, spokeswoman for his publisher describes him as a satirist who targets “any strong ideology.” Nekschot publishes primarily on several websites, including his own. But has also been featured on the Web site of Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker who was murdered by a Muslim radical in November 2004. The cartoonist also works for HP/De Tijd, a major Dutch language weekly news magazine, and he has published two books. One recent cartoon on his website caricatured a Christian fundamentalist and Muslim fundamentalist as zombies who met at an anti-gay rally and now wished to marry. “He was arrested with a great show of force, by around 10 policemen,” said the spokeswoman for the publishing company Uitgeverij Xtra. She asked that her name not be used and declined to give Nekschot’s real name because both the cartoonist and the publisher have received death threats. A spokeswoman for the Amsterdam public prosecutor, Sanne van Meteren, said Nekschot remains a suspect in a criminal investigation. “We suspect him of insulting people on the basis of their race or belief, and possibly also of inciting hate,” she said. Each is a crime punishable by up to a year in prison under Dutch hate laws – or two years for multiple offences. Van Meteren said prosecutors were investigating a complaint that dates to 2005. They are now focusing on eight or nine published cartoons, she said, but prosecutors are not disclosing which ones. Nekschot did not answer police questions during his arrest, she said, citing his right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination. The spokeswoman for Xtra said police had seized Nekschot’s computer, sketches, CDs, DVDs and telephone at the time of his arrest. (Source)

Why is it that it is only the so-called “progressive” countries that are committing national suicide?  And why is it that Leftists – who you would think would not like to have their freedoms curtailed – are at the forefront in preserving this cultural suicide?

Like the Islamicists, they hate Western culture because they hate themselves.

And like the Dutch politicians, their Canadian brethren are likewise such cowardly fools.  They can’t see the threat that is plainly in front of them.  If they think the price is steep now, what’s it going to cost us when we have to fight to keep Sharia out later on? 

The currency won’t be in dollars but in litres of blood.

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  1. Deep inside, despite their hatred, perhaps because of it, they regard western civilization – inlcuding the military and police – as daddy who will always protect them while they throw tantrums.
    In the meantime it’s great sport for them to taunt those who they hate.

  2. Some Muslims view any discussion that isn’t about how peaceful Islam is as an insult to Islam, silencing the critics of Political and Radical Islam is necessary for the Global Caliphate to work. Considering the hell unleashed by Muslim Extremist world wide the only way to silence decent is to work with the far left under the guise of snuffing out Islamophobia. Muting decenting voices is working globally, and in Canada. I guess we are suppose to remain silent as they strap bombs on retard children and rape victims.

    I’m not going to be silenced, EVER.

  3. The Koran is hate literature directed at all Jews, Pagans and anyone who resists Islam or “insults” the Koran or its inventor Mohammed (A liar, murderer, treaty breaker, bandit and the sexual abuser of a nine-year-young girl-child.).

  4. The Dutch were among the worst (or best, dep ending on your point of view) collaborators with NAZI occupation forces during the second world war. Now it’s the Mu slims that are getting their collaborat ion. In both cases, they were/are too weak to stand up to intimidation – a reflection of their national character, I suppose. But, the lessons took and now they do it to themselves.

    I wish them luck, but my guess is – down the drain…

  5. Muhammad’s son Zaid had married a beautiful woman. Muhammad asked Zaid to divorce his wife and give her to him. Zaid and his wife refused such an outrageous request.

    Faced with the refusal of Zaid and his wife to disolve their marriage,Muhammad had a “convenient” revalation from Allah , which not only commanded Zaid to give his wife to Muhammad but also decreed that there was no evil in a father-in-law taking his daughter-in-law away from his adopted son.

    Zaid and his wife were told that they did not have any cholce in the matter. They had to submit to the will of Allah. This is in the Quran in Sura chapter 33 verses 36-38.

    It is no wonder that this passage in the Quaran has led many former Muslims to renounce Islam.

    Canada’s humanist religious relativists love to impose their false views on the rest of Canadian society.

  6. Islamic Justice
    Saudi Court condemns rape victim to 200 lashings and six months prison
    She is guilty of having been in a car with a “non relative” male at the time of the aggression by a group of men. The fist hearing had “only” condemned her to 90 lashings, but the Appeals Court increased the sentence because the young women “attempted to influence judgement through the media”. What does this remind you of in Canada?

  7. NMR is spot on about the nazi-dutch connection.

    after the bombing of amsterdam and the surrender of holland, within weeks there was a big pro-german ie pro-nazi rally with the tone that, well gee, we’re all in the same family eh? bygones and all that?

    the highest per-capita enlistment in the wermacht outside of germany? holland. this from the 1975 ‘world at war’ series.

  8. Ninety three percent of Iran’s Muslims are Shiaite and sixty percent of Iraq’s. Hezbollah is a militant Shiaite Party that is in control of southern Lebanon.

    Imagine how powerful Iraq and Iran can be if they become one Islamic country.

    Al-Sadr is uniting Muslims to destroy Isreal the only democracy in the region.

    It is a good thing the justice of the Bible’s ten commandments have given Canadians the freedoms they have left, but for how long?

    Now it is also a good thing that we are not surrounded by Muslim nations or we would not last long as a country. I don’t know how long politically correct relativistic Darwinian humanist Canada can last. Nazi Germany had Kangaroo courts too.

  9. Now, now John…we must just get closer and try and understand. We must all become very serene?

    A weekend funny from the National Post and I didn’t make it up:

    “Do not fear Muslims, report says
    Quebec Hearings

    Jeff Heinrich, Canwest News Service
    Published: Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Dave Sidaway, Canwest News Service FileGerard Bouchard, left, and Charles Taylor headed a commission on reasonable accommodation, holding hearings across Quebec last fall. Their final report was leaked to The Gazette.

    The “Two Solitudes” of French and English have been replaced in Quebec by “deux inquietudes” — the twin anxieties of the majority and the new minorities, according to a much-anticipated report on reasonable accommodation.

    French-Canadians, a “strong ethnocultural majority,” fear being submerged by minorities who are “fragile and worried about the future,” says the report.

    The French-Canadian majority in Quebec must shake off its angst about minorities and help build a truly open society in a globalized world, says the report.

    The report recommends that people in Quebec learn more English — even becoming trilingual — be nicer to Muslims and get better informed.

    “In this day and age of migratory mixing, of the Internet and globalization, it is to be greatly hoped that the largest number possible of Quebecers master English in addition to French,” says the report.

    It adds, “The way to overcome Islamophobia is to get closer to Muslims, not to run away from them. Mistrust breeds mistrust. Just like fear, it winds up feeding on itself.”


    The Advance Of Islam in 900 A.D. and The loss of Christian Egypt, Syria, and Iraq sent shudders of fear throughout the countries of the West.

    The penetration of Moslem armies into Spain, France, and Italy shook the Western World.

    The Moslems desacrated churches,raped and enslaved Christian women, children, men, murdered anyone they pleased, tortured priests, monks, pilfered villages and towns and occupied parts of Western territories.

    At the Council of Clermont in 1095 Pope Urban 2 issued this call to Western Countries or all Europe would have been under Islamic Law , and he said, ” Let all hatred between you depart, all quarrels end, and all wars cease. Start upon the road to the Holy Sepulcher, to reclaim defiled Jerusalem.” The following year the Crusades began!

    If the Western countries did not respond to Pope Urban 2’s request we would have had these kangaroo courts a lot sooner.

  11. But Gary…

    ” Let all hatred between you depart, all quarrels end, and all wars cease. Start upon the road to the Holy Sepulcher, to reclaim defiled Jerusalem.” The following year the Crusades began!

    The Catholic Inquisition also had Kangeroo Courts and remember what they did to the Crusaders and the Knights Templer – now exonerated and forgiven LOL

  12. Every-one ought to know the effects Humanism has on Canadian society through our schools.And on reading Hunanist Manifesto 1 and 2 and all the others one can learn how the Western World became Humanist through our education establishments.

    Christians aren’t vulnerable to committing terrible crimes. Certainly they are. But it is not religion that produces these things; it is the denial of Biblical religion that generally leads to these kinds of things. Humanists in our education establishments are falsely teaching that Christians have committed more murders than Atheists. But the statistics that are the result of irreligious genocide stagger the imagination.

    My source is The Guinness Book Of World Records. Look up the category “Judicial” and under the subject of “Crimes: Mass Killings, the greatest massacre ever imputed by the government of one sovereign against the government of another is 26.3 million Chinese during the regime of Mao Tse Tung between the years of 1949 to 1965. An estimate of 63.7 million was published by Figaro magazine on November 5,1978.

    In the U.S.S.R. the Nobel Prize winner,Alexander Solzhenitsyn estimates the loss of life from state repression and terrorism from October 1917 to December 1959 under Lenin and Stalin and Khrushchev at 66.7 million.

    In Cambodia ,according to the Khamer Rouge foreign minister,more than one third of the eight million Khmer were killed between April 17,1975 and January 1979. One third of the entire country was put to death under Pol Pot,the founder of the Communist Party of Kampuchea now Cambodia.

    In China between the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries there were three periods of wholesale massacre. The figures put on the Mongolian invasion are 35 million people. While the number of victims of Chang Hsien Chung known as the Yellow Tiger in Szechwan province is 40 million people. Make a note that these deaths were the result of organizations or points of view or ideoligies that had left God out of the equation.

    It is true that it’s possible that religion can produce evil,and generally when we look closer at the detail it produces evil because the individual people are actually living in a rejection of the tenets of Christianity and the rejection of the God that they are supposed to be following. So it can produce it,but the historical fact is that outright rejection of God and “Institutionalizing of Atheism” actually does produce evil on incredible levels. We’re talking tens of millions of people as a result of the rejection of God. Canada is now “educated” into being a politically correct Darwinian Humanist relativist country through our schools and universities. This affects all of Canadian society because we all go to public schools and universities where we are educated into hard wired liberal Darwinian Humaists.

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