First round goes to Gravel in LifeSite lawsuit

We can always pray that the final outcome will favour the truth and a modicum of justice, but considering it’s the same judge who will decide the lawfare suit , it does not bode well.

No one will be that surprised if the verdict falls against LSN.  Why would we?  Call someone what they are and get sued. It’s the new extortion of the Left and by the Catholic Church, no less.

I guess CanChurch’s bishops think there will be no consequences to them.  I beg to differ.

This will drive a very deep wound into the Church’s already fragile relationship with the Pro Life movement.

Has one bishop spoken out against this injustice? No.  It’s all one big happy family.

Fr. Gravel: Pro-choice priest in good standing of God’s Holy Church.

p,s. Some of us might be thinking that this is a major setback. But, really, if Gravel ends up winning, there will be such a backlash that it will ignite true Catholics in the Church like nothing else could.  Nothing ignites like injustice.  And, boy, this will be a whopper.   I predict a massive irony….just in time for the V2 Conference 😎

30 pieces of silver, after all, did lead to victory.

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