One thought on “Firm In the Faith With Mary

  1. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of the Holy Rosary, John.

    I clung on to my Mother’s Rosary, while I was recovering in the hospital after my severe burns when I almost died,and I prayed to get better to work
    with burned children, and FOR all children who have been burned.

    The first year in recovery after my burns, and the doctors were amazed at the fast progress of my recovery, I might add. I did do some volunteer work to raise money for children’s’ pressure garments that they need to wear, (as do all people who have sever burns), but as children grow, the garments need to be exchanged, and they are very expensive to begin with.

    It was also to raise awareness of what a burned child goes through and to show the public real photographs of children who have been severely burned by their sick guardians or otherwise.

    Interesting, little did I know I would be praying for babies who as part of the torturous process of abortion are burned by a saline solution first.

    People did not want to look at the photos of the first group and they also turn away from the reality of the murdered children that we allow to be killed by such means whilst they are in the mothers wombs.

    To get back to the Rosary though. I prayed 3 full Rosaries back then- One, whilst I walked to St. Mary’s from my apt. on Lees ave, one, which I led or participated in before Mass, and another ,as I walked home.

    In fact I prayed constantly back then, especially when I was walking and I walked many miles a day, and joined in the daily Holy hour at St. Patrick’s Basilica
    back then, as well in which we also prayed three full Rosaries amongst other prayers, (Chaplet of Divine Mercy, was another one). I love the Rosary and was always with one in my hand and used to wear one around my neck (reverently always), knowing the amazing graces God grants to us from this beautiful prayer of the Gospel of Christ and meditating on His Life and Passion.

    I always had peace, no matter what, and I attribute it to my devotion to this magnificent gift .of Our Blessed Mothers’ Rosary. Thank You Beautiful Mother Mary!!!as well , You are so beautiful!.

    I lament to say my prayer life is not what it was back then, and in fact recently I have been making it my discipline to get back to making sure no matter what I pray at least one Rosary a day.

    I attest to the amazing graces Dear St. Louis speaks of in his book.

    I was Blessed to pick up a small book back then, which I realized was a very special treasure, and is one of my all time favorite books.- “The Secret of the Rosary”, by St. Louis De Montfort.

    This classic contains something so profound, I cannot put it into words, but I recommend it to anyone.
    I believe that if we all prayed daily Rosaries, and the Rosary Of Life daily and often, abortion would end sooner than later, and we would see conversions and the closures of abortion facilities,
    happening at a much more rapid pace.

    The fall of the wall in the Eastern part of the world after Our Blessed Pope John Paul ll, asked for people to pray Rosaries shows what praying of this
    beautiful gift from God does indeed do!

    Thank You Lord for giving us Our Blessed Mother |Mary and the Rosary.

    Hail Mary Full of Grace the Lord is with You…

    Frances Wilkinson

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