Since the recent onslaught of media reports which have dredged up decades old abuse scandals, there’s been a lot of “finger-pointing” going on.  It today’s politically correct and wussified society, “finger- pointing” gets a bad rap. 

Let’s not finger point. We’re all guilty“. 

Finger pointing is not constructive.” 

Finger pointing never helps“.

And on and on it goes into mindless eternity. 

Well, the fact is that finger pointing is indeed quite necessary provided that the finger is pointed in the right direction and at the right issue.  Finger pointing for the sake of shifting blame is pretty useless, but finger-pointing for the sake of getting at the truth of the matter is most useful.  That’s why this blog likes to point fingers.  In fact, that’s a large part of what we do here at Socon or Bust

Because pointing fingers gets us all to face up to the problems we keep running from.

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church needs to face up to the reality and stop running from inconvenient truths. 

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