Financial Shakeup at the CCCB

Gunn said back in 2005, the CCCB had developed a strategy to work ecumenically on social justice issues since all churches were alike in feeling a financial pinch. Gunn raised concerns about a continued CCCB presence on the CCC’s justice and peace committee and on the KAIROS board. “How are we going to maintain those ecumenical contacts and participations that allowed us to do social justice work together?” he asked…(Source)

While I don’t particularly celebrate that people lose their jobs, I am more than thrilled that social justice is getting the axe somewhat.

Why is it that the bleeding hearts cry out for the government to meet the needs of “the poor”, but when it comes to their own back pocket they pull the plug?  Why is that?  One rule for them and one rule for the rest of us?

The “Needs of the Canadian Church” are not being met!  And for that, my dear Busters, we can be most grateful.

That’s what you get for not being transparent and honest with pro-lifers.  You cannot expect us to fund you when you give us the back of your hand.

There’s money out here, but you’re not getting it because we’re sick and tired of your management.

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