Finally, the Churchspeak is finally being replaced by Straighttalk

Speaking in England on September 9, the Russian Orthodox prelate in charge of ecumenical relations minced no words as he blasted developments in contemporary Anglicanism. In the presence of Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk criticized “the unrestrained liberalization of Christian values [that] continues in many communities of the Anglican world,” as well as the Church of England’s moves towards a female episcopate. He added, “It is impossible to pass silently by the liberalism and relativism which have become so characteristic of today’s Anglican theology.”

Metropolitan Hilarion also spoke of “the possibility of establishing an Orthodox-Catholic alliance in Europe for defending the traditional values of Christianity. The primary aim of this alliance would be to restore a Christian soul to Europe. We should be engaged in common defense of Christian values against secularism and relativism.”


In addition, the phoney baloney ‘unity’ we’ve had to endure these past 50 years is finally being crushed. Thanks be to God for that.  In its place, of course, we finally get some real progress in discussions where they count — in the Culture War.  And who knows, as a result of that, theological differences may one day be overcome too.

And, as a bonus, Küng is getting kicked to the curb too.

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