Nec laudibus, Nec timore

A bishop from Kazakstan has suggested the preparation of an authoritative document to expose major errors in the interpretation of the teachings of Vatican II. Bishop Athanasius Schneider, an auxiliary of the Karaganda diocese, argues that the Church has been damaged by inaccurate interpretations of the Council documents, which suggest “an anthropocentric, secularizing, or naturalistic shift by the Second Vatican Council” and a dramatic break from previous Church teachings. Bishop Schneider says that the teaching of the Church has been distorted because of secular influences and because too many Church leaders failed to uphold traditional teachings. The result, he says, is a widespread misinterpretation of conciliar teaching:

In substance, there were two impediments against the true intention of the Council and its Magisterium bearing abundant and lasting fruits. One was found outside the Church, in the violent process of cultural and social revolution in the 1960s, which, like every powerful social phenomenon, penetrated within the Church, contaminating vast ranges of people and institutions with its spirit of rupture. The other impediment showed itself in the lack of wise and intrepid Pastors of the Church who would be ready to defend the purity and integrity of the faith and of the liturgical and pastoral life, not letting themselves be influenced either by praise or by fear (“nec laudibus, nec timore”).

The post-conciliar confusion can only be resolved, Bishop Schneider says, by identifying errors in interpretation of Church teaching and by appointing bishops who will be “holy, courageous pastors, profoundly rooted in the tradition of the Church, free from any type of mentality of rupture whether in the field of doctrine or of liturgy.” Bishop Schneider made his appeal during a conference held in Rome in December. The translated text of his talk has now been posted on the EWTN site. (Source)

Where is this wonderful bishop from?  Some booney country that was once part of the Soviet Union…and yet, how much he has to teach the current grand poohbah-powerbrokers at the Vatican and in Europe!  A humble and lowly auxiliary from the bushes (but with an appropriate name for our Age!) rocks the current episcopal establishment from their sleep.

But is it too little, too late?  What that good bishop said needs to be amplified a thousand-fold so the corpses currently occupying the seats of authority in the Church finally wake up. It’s too bad we don’t have a bishop like that in Canada.  It’s just more or less the old boy’s club here in the Great Barren North.

The problem is that unless we get some bishops who are truly willing to shake the establishment and risk prison and their pensions, in the words of the immortal George W. Bush, (when he muttered to an assistant on the imminent financial collapse):

This sucker’s goin’ down.”

But, even if nothing happens, we do have a winner for the rallying cry of the next generation of Church leaders:  nec laudibus, nec timore =  Neither Praise, Nor Fear. 

My goodness, those four words nail it.  That’s exactly the problem with today’s episcopacy.  They seek the approval of the culture and they fear its backlash should the Gospel be proclaimed.

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