Finally, A Bishop with Some Bolas

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX, September 8, 2009 ( – Bishop Rene Henry Gracida, retired Roman Catholic Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas has denounced the “scandal” of the Kennedy funeral.  Writing on his blog, Bishop Gracida said, “There was so much wrong with the funeral liturgy celebrated in Boston last Saturday for Senator Edward Moore Kennedy that I hardly know where to begin.”

He added: “Aside from the impropriety of such a grandiose celebration for one of the country’s most notorious dissident Catholics, the ‘celebration’ was filled with liturgical errors and transgressions against the General Instruction of the Roman Missal which governs every celebration of the Church’s liturgy.”

Rather than going into specifics about the abuses himself, Bishop Gracida posted commentaries by lay and clerical pro-life leaders who identified the gravity of the scandal. “I am afraid that if I, a bishop, were to go into the details of the scandal it would only add to the scandal and so I will let the laity speak to it,” he said.

Bishop Gracida reposted several commentaries from lay leaders in the pro-life movement in various posts.  He, however, gave special attention to the commentary by Phil Lawler of Catholic World News.  Said Bishop Gracida: “It is not unreasonable to suggest that the ‘buck’ for the scandal of the secular extravaganza which obscured the sacred liturgical nature of the Kennedy funeral should stop at the desk of the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston.  Again, since I do not want to directly criticize another bishop, I leave it to the laity to analyze the true nature of that celebration.  I give the final word to a layman for whom I have a great deal of respect: Phillip Lawler.”

To read Lawler’s commentaries on the Kennedy funeral extravaganza in full click here.

See Bishop Gracida’s blog here.

I doubt we’ll see an active bishop preach it like this…mustn’t upset the old boys club too, too much, you see.  But those comments above from Bishop Gracida are like a juicy watermelon on a scorching hot day.   A thirst quencher of a post.

Folks, maybe some in the episcopacy have some testicular fortitude left, after all.  The feminists haven’t emasculated all of them.  

C’mon your Graces, bring it. We’re behind you. Let’s take this thing right to the end. If we end up being a smaller Church,  so be it.  Unity is not worth the oceans of blood that have been spilled for a sham unity based on lies and cowardice.

We need to start calling out our opponents BY NAME like Bishop Gracida did.  By name, by your name, we will call you out, because then and only then will we begin to get personal instead of all of this diplomatic pretense and false cordiality which exists today in the Church.  The unborn’s cause demands of us a personal stake in this fight. Our opponents need a bloody nose in public. The good Lord knows that enough blood of the innocents has been spilled to justify it a million of times over.


2 thoughts on “Finally, A Bishop with Some Bolas

  1. We live in a pagan culture where atheism and relativism is established by government decree and taught as the only valid worldview. That is Darwinian Humanism. They say we have our truth, and everyone may have theirs. In a pagan western World it is better for a Catholic to stand alone with the truth than to be wrong with a multitude. It seems that many in our churches are impersonating the people of God. It is better to have a few real ones.

  2. Hats off to Bishop Gracida!!

    Unfortunately, Fr. Rosica has forgotten that admonishing sinners is a vital part of Christianity.

    Looks like Cardinal O’Malley would rather “sit in places of honour” rather than preach the truth.

    “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets.” (Luke 6:26)

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