Synod Statement is Beautiful…and the Serenity Now Crowd Should Be Ashamed

Well, as we can see from the Synod Statement here the Faith has been maintained.  Actually, it’s a beautiful document.

I didn’t see any mention of the “value of homosexuality” in it, did you?

Now, we have to ask you, dear reader, just how this change of heart came about?

It came about because we cried bloody murder and the bishops listened.  The Serenity Now crowd was not the Church’s best friend when the chips were down.  Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourselves. How quickly, you were abandoning pure doctrine to the influences of the perverse for the sake of a false peace and because of a distorted attachment to personalities and sentimental feelings towards the Pope when he allowed the perverse to corrupt the Church’s witness.

Next time, grab a clue. Get ye your sword and fight, and raise your voice.

We’ve heard the expression, “freedom is not free”. There is a price to pay.  And that’s the same with the Faith.  It can be ripped out of our hands and trampled underfoot, as it almost was with those damned modernists who almost pulled a fast one on us.

Never again.  Vigilance and not gradualism is the buzz word going forward.

As for the modernists, you’ve been outed.  We’ve got your number and we know who you are.  And thanks be to God for that.

Come and get it. We’re waiting for you.

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