Fight for Freedom or Live Like Slaves

As I indicated on my blog last week, I had stumbled on some rather disturbing facts from comparing the Beaumont Hearing Transcripts with the testimony given by Dean Steacy at the March 25 Hearing in Ottawa regarding Warman v. Lemire.

I have visited the CHRT offices this past week and I plan to go there again next week.

I intend to release the preliminary results of my investigation soon, and follow up by posting any new relevant information that I find in the future.

I believe that the findings are rather significant, but I will let the blogosphere determine that.

I release my examination with no little trepidation considering the current poisonous, litigious atmosphere in Canada today.  I have a wife and four young daughters to support and I would prefer not to put myself and them through financially troubling times in defending myself against a lawsuit. 

However, I am not prepared to relinquish my right and the right of my children to live in a country which is free from tyrannical influences and the jackboot star chamber tactics that come from Canada’s Human Rights Commissions and their third party collaborators.

I will present the evidence as I find it and I will ask the questions which I believe need to be asked. And we’ll let the cards – and everything else – fall where they may.

I will not be intimidated or cowed by any legal brush back letter from anyone, either. If anyone wants to come after me, they’d better be prepared for the fight of their lives because I’ll be coming to battle with everything I have and everything that I am.

A small reminder to the blogosphere out there:  nothing is won by the whole when it is not backed up by individual courage.  It is only when every individual makes a personal committment of sacrifice that something can change.  When we have a multitude of individuals pulling their weight and putting it on the line, then and only then can we achieve victory over Evil — but not before.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking that somebody else will fight for “the cause”; somebody else can pay the price; somebody else can take your place. 

The load to bear has the same weight.  You can choose to share it with the afflicted who are standing up for your rights or you can stand aside and watch how they are crushed by the star chambers and their spies.   If you don’t act now, don’t come crying to us about free speech when the political winds that are attacking us change direction and make your political view points the subject of interrogation. 




3 thoughts on “Fight for Freedom or Live Like Slaves

  1. I support you fight against sacred steers in our ‘Progressive’ bureaucracy that love to judge what is tolerable or not.

    As I see it, our future is challenged on two fronts:
    1. the global rise of totalitarian islam due to demographics
    2. our own self destruction due to unfettered progressivism

    The best was to challenge the first threat is to discredit the ideology – a great source is by ex-muslim Ali Sina who runs
    (the website makes a compelling case explaining that Mohammad was a psychopath.) Religious freedom should not be tolerated as an excuse for the violent acquisition of political power.

    The second threat is at the core of our escapist culture of gratification. Technological change has removed the fears and burdens of day to day survival; a diminishing proportion of our economy is devoted to survival needs (basic shelter, food, water). A basic article of faith is “economic growth” – via expansion of this economy of gratification.

    Our culture has become overwhelmed by:
    1. commercial propaganda feeding our narcissistic consumption and addictions.
    2. fringe rights activists demanding respect (or worship via playing the victimization card)

    Economic growth is also fed by mass immigration (because CEOs find it very profitable and it is too much of an inconvenience for many of us to have/raise children).

    I feel increasing disconnected as a citizen – by a culture that readily condemns my conservatism and by so much diversity that makes it very difficult to understand and relate.
    The shared values/experiences that unite us as a country are diminishing and becoming very abstract; ‘tolerance’ demands that almost all behaviors are acceptable.

    This perspective is heresy in multicult-Canada.

  2. I wish you well, and you are right about our collective need to stand behind those who take a righteous stand. Yet, you might seek some legal advice before putting your family at risk. You certainly have a defense in our defamation law if what you publish is true, and the defense of qualified privilege. I’m not a lawyer, but as you are aware it is the process that can ruin one, even if one ends up winning.

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