One thought on “Fight breaks out at the Synod, Cardinal Burke Calls for Clarification from Pope

  1. A Former Christian Democratic Western Society who’s majority turned it’s back on The Ten Commandments,and The Lord’s Prayer beginning in 1962 in Government,Law and Education as unconstitutional,cannot remain faithful to Christ very long.The new State Sanctioned Religion/Worldview of Secular Paganism did not come about in a Democratic and Legal Vacuum ,but in plain public view! Pagan Democracies cannot abide by The Ten Commandments or The Lord’s Prayer.A Pagan Majority infiltrates every aspect of society,thus Paganizing even it’s edifices of worship.In former Christian Democracies political apathy,indifference and complacency hastens this process.The question of volition still remains! Who will you serve Barabbas or Christ? Christianity or Secular Paganism with your life and political allegiance.When Secular Paganism censored me,a good friend said J.P.would not.He and pro-life people ought to have your political vote in Secular Pagan Canada,don’t you think? My contemporaries and I started every school morning in Canada and The West with The Lord’s Prayer led by our school teachers,because our Parents,Grandparents, Priests and Leaders POLITICALLY kept it so!Now Secular Pagan perversion is normalized in schools from Kindergarten through University,due to political apathy and indifference.

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