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May 5, 2010

Feminists Deny the Reality That the Times have Changed


Feminists are quaintly arguing that recent funding cuts by the government are due to their promotion of abortion.

These groups appear to be blind to the fact that they are only a small group of women, whose numbers dwindle each day, and have no membership to support them.  They don’t deserve to be bankrolled by the government for their outdated policies.  Just because their government funding has been cut off, doesn’t mean they are “voiceless” as they claim.  REAL Women of Canada has thrived for 27 years on membership dues and donations, without government funding and is by no means “voiceless”.

Instead of arguing for more abortion both here and abroad, these feminist groups should be arguing for desperately needed critical health care services.  According to the April 2010 issue of the prestigious British Medical Journal Lancet, Canada, Norway and the USA have all experienced a rise in maternal mortality rate between 1980 and 2008 despite their liberal abortion laws.  Abortion is no solution to women’s health care problems.

Malaria, cervical cancer and HIV coupled with the lack of clean water, proper nutrition and skilled birth attendants have long been the enemy of women in the developing world.  In Canada, obviously we too have problems with maternal and child care, which have to be addressed.

Since 1973, feminist groups have complacently sat back, greedily taking taxpayers money to promote their left-wing agenda.

Times have changed.  Women have moved on.  It is only reasonable that the government would move on to, and curtail funding of these obsolete groups.

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