Special Investigative Report: Feminist Front Group Using Canadian Catholic Churches To Fund Their Agenda

As many readers of Socon or Bust know, I have been hammering away at Development & Peace for months now.   It’s easy to think of our problems as being isolated to Development & Peace, but we all know, deep down in our souls, that this is not the case.  The Canadian Church is a withering branch of the tree.

In fact, Development & Peace is only the tip of the iceberg, as hard as that is to believe.  But it’s true.  People who are truly faithful to the Church’s teaching on human life are a minority in the Church. That’s just the ugly reality.  And it’s an ugly reality that the hierarchy really doesn’t want to face because to do so is to draw attention to what they haven’t been doing these past 40 years. And so it is necessary to continue to root out the rot in the Catholic Church in Canada and display it for all the world to see. 

Readers might be familiar with the March for Women in 2000 and the participation of Development & Peace in the event.  That was the first year that D&P got busted for promoting groups which advocate for abortion and other anti-family policies.  But the March for Women did not simply involve D&P. The March for Women had another connection to the Catholic Church that is not so well known.  Msgr. Foy, the Canadian hero-priest who has long appealed to the hierarchy to retract their disastrous Winnipeg Statement, wrote an article on the March for Women and the groups involved in it back in 2000 when the whole controversy was erupting. You will notice the very healthy contingent of Catholic groups listed therein, not the least of which was the CCCB itself among other notables. Of particular note was this paragraph: 

In the kit published by Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada called “World March of Women 2000, A Reflection and Action Kit for Church Networks” we get some insight into the theological perspectives of the March. One question cited reads: “Often violence against women finds theological justification in the teaching of the Church. We call on the Church, with the full participation of women theologians, to deconstruct and reconstruct such basic biblical and doctrinal teachings so as to usher in liberational paradigms and perspectives” (p.11). Another letter quoted calls for the Church’s repentance of the Church’s participation in violence against women. It calls for “exposing all sexual abuse, especially by those in positions of Church leadership” as though the Church were the principle cause of sexual abuse. (Source)

The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) has a long history of anti-Catholic behavior.  Besides participating in feminist marches which seek to establish abortion as a human right and to attack the traditional family,  WICC has been hostile to the Catholic Church by supporting the removal of the Holy See as a member of the U.N. 

The Spring 2000 WICC newsletter contains an article by dissident ‘Catholic’ Joanna Manning (author of Is the Pope Catholic?), which encourages support for the Catholics For a Free Choice campaign which, according to WICC, “hopes to persuade the Secretary General of the UN to conduct a review of the Holy See’s status as a voting member”. “Anyone who would like more information or would like to sign the coalition’s petition is welcome to call Joanna at (416) 599-1244,” says the newsletter. (Source) [Editor’s note: The Holy See is a non-member state with permanent observer status at the UN. This means that the Holy See can participate in world conferences and other agenda-setting meetings, but cannot vote in the General Assembly.]

Like most Church groups, it was founded with laudable goals for Christian unity and legitimate social work, but when the 60s arrived, it went off the tracks. Today, it is committed to “ecumenism, women’s spiritual growth, social justice, and women’s issues.”   The group spans across Christian denominational boundaries and includes women from most of the mainstream denominations including, not surprisingly, the Catholic Church. Perusing their website, the reader will immediately notice that this group is merely a feminist front group with an Obama-like religiousity to it.  You can read about their programs here.  It’s basically like Development & Peace but on steroids.  They don’t mention abortion or so-called “reproductive rights” explicitly on their website, of course, but the statements, groups, and programs which they support certainly do.  

A couple of weeks ago, I received a call from a long time acquaintance.  In her capacity as a parish secretary, she received some further information about this group’s activities.  One of this group’s events is particularly interesting.  Every year, the WICC hosts a “World Day of Prayer” which serves, in part, as a fundraiser for the purpose of providing grants to their partners around the world.  The World Day of Prayer, as their brochure states, was formed in 1922 and is active in 170 countries and in over 2000 communities in Canada. 

The parish where my acquaintance is employed was asked by the parish “social justice” representative (who else?) to host the World Day of Prayer for the area.  After reading the literature and knowing about my research into Development & Peace, she sent it to me because although she was not certain about its activities, she was very suspicious that this was another “social justice” / feminist front group (like Development & Peace) who funded groups whose ideas were at variance with the Catholic faith.  And sure enough, after a little investigation, I discovered that many of the groups and their projects being funded by WICC were anti-life and anti-family and anti-Catholic.

In the Dominican Republic for its 2008 campaign, for example, WICC provided $2000 for a project called “Workshop on women’s rights”, sponsored by a group with the acronymn of “ODEMIHF”.  This same group is listed as a grant recipient for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which describes some of the activities of this group:

Dominican Republic
ODEMIHF: Reproductive and Sexual Health Education for Women – $1,000

In Paraguay, WICC awarded another $2,000 to “MATCH/Colectivo de Mujeres Nov.25” for a project called “Empowering Women”. The Colectivo de Mujeres Nov.25 is a signatory to Statement which states….

The double moral standards of the Catholic Church discriminate and damage women: Cultural and political pressure from institutionalized Catholicism on our country’s laws, polices and customs is something negative for women’s rights. The Catholic hierarchy has protected the prevailing moral double standards, using the pulpits and its power to condemn sexual and reproductive rights and deprive people of them, while protecting their own members who live their sexual lives in irresponsible manners. It is high time for the Church to acknowledge and change this situation.

In Quebec, WICC funded the “Waves of Resistance” project to the tune of $3,000:

This gathering will bring together young women and young feminists from all horizons, between the ages of 14 and 35. The general objective of the gathering is to energize and provide a solid foundation for the feminist movement, by mobilizing and creating strong networks within the young feminists’ movement throughout Canada!

Waves of Resistance! invites you to come and celebrate in diversity with other women in order to:

  • Share our analysis of different issues that affect us as young women and young feminists
  • Collectivise our feminist struggles
  • Discuss our priorities for action as young feminists
  • Discuss how to resist and fight against all right-wing influence (moral, political, economical, etc.)
  • Create links of solidarity between young feminists throughout Canada
  • Reinforce the young feminists’ movement in Canada
  • But also to celebrate our struggles and solidarity! (Who said feminists don’t know how to party!!??)

The WICC, therefore, funds groups through a “World Day of Prayer” which are completely at odds with the Catholic Church. Not only do they fund pro-abortion projects, they also fund groups who openly attack the Catholic Church.  The anti-religious and pro-abortion bigots have become very smooth in how they couch their language in euphemisms. The Development & Peace abortion scandal has shown just how slick they are.  But now their brazenness has catapulted them to new heights by co-opting the language and practice of faith to further their perverse and immoral ends.  “The World Day of Prayer” – it sounds so ecumenical and unifying and spiritual, does it not?  Who doesn’t want to pray with other Christians, after all?  Just like “human rights”.  Who can be against that?  But underneath its religious platitudes and empty Christian rhetoric is a poisonous liberation theology platform which seeks to use unsuspecting people to fund their feminist agenda.

Not only was this group going to be using Church property to host this event and collect money at my acquaintance’s parish, but there are many other parishes in Canada that are also participating. A quick internet search produced a healthy inventory of participants:

World Day of Prayer takes place at churches around the globe each year on March 6. The local service will take place at St. Noel Chabanel Roman Catholic Church at 2 p.m.Members of Prince of Peace Anglican Church, Wasaga Beach Community Presbyterian Church, Wasaga Beach United Church and St. Noel Chabanel will lead the Wasaga Beach service. (Source)

 Trinity United Church, at 200 Owen Sound Street, will host the event, starting at 2 p.m. All are invited to participate in this service which focuses on the theme: “God’s wisdom provides new understanding”…Many Shelburne-area churches will participate in the planning and presenting of the worship service including Trinity United, St. Paul’s Anglican, Bethel Bible, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic, Horning’s Mills- Honeywood United, Redickville’s Community of Christ, and Grace Church of the Nazarene.  A portion of offerings received at each prayer service in Canada go to provide resources to local committees for the following year, as well as many grants provided to global projects in need. Much of the money has gone to workshops on women rights in counties such as Colombia, Bangladesh, Honduras, India, the Philippines and Tanzania. Within Canada, funding has been provided for women with disabilities and victims of domestic and sexual violence. Additional grants have been given to support theological and spiritual study. (Source)

St. George’s Anglican Church in Utopia is hosting this year’s World Day of Prayer on March 6 at 7 p.m. The country of prayer this year is Papua, New Guinea. St. George’s is pleased to welcome Zion Presbyterian Church, Angus United Church, and Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church to join them. Stay for fellowship following the ceremony and enjoy desserts, tea and coffee. Everyone is welcome to attend. (Source)

My dear friends, I am grateful to be here to share with you all, in this worship service of the World Day of Prayer, 2009. I am a Daughter of Wisdom, catholic religious Sister residing on Montreal Road, Vanier, Ottawa. I had great joy in learning that the prayer program for this special day had been prepared by the women of Papua New Guinea. Yes, for 39 years, I had the privilege of doing different missionary works among them, of sharing the joys and sorrows of their daily lives. (Source)

The United Church Women take on a large job of fundraising for the church. Their activities include a Fall Supper, Tea and Bake Sale and serving lunches for special occasions and funerals. They also hold the World Day of Prayer service every second year, alternating with the Catholic Women’s Auxiliary. (Source)

The 2007 World Day of Prayer service: “United Under God’s Tent”, was held on March 2nd at St Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church in Wolfville. It was attended by over 50 people, an excellent representation of our local congregations. The guest speaker was Dr. Lionel Moriah, Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of Chapel, who spoke eloquently about the protection of prayer, using the metaphor of a tent in keeping with the Order of Worship as prepared by the women of Paraguay. (Source)

In the Edmonton area, the following 18 churches will host a World Day of Prayer service (with contact phone numbers in brackets):

  • Trinity United Church, 8810 Meadowlark Rd. (489-0860), 7:30 p.m.
  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 10412-159 St. (484-5933), 1:30 p.m.
  • Kirk United Church, 13535-122 Ave. (455-0453), 1:30 p.m.
  • St. Charles Catholic Church, 17511-112 St. (456-5399), 7 p.m.
  • McClure United Church, 13708-74 St. (475-8496), 7:30 p.m.
  • St. Mary’s Anglican Church, 11203-68 St. (477-5458), 7 p.m.
  • St. Faith’s Anglican Church, 11725-93 St. (477-5931), 7 p.m.
  • Christ Church Anglican, 12116-102 Ave. (488-1118), 10 a.m.
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 10821-96 St. (422-3052), 7 p.m.
  • Grace United Church, 6215-104 Ave. (466-0916), 7 p.m.
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, 10014-81 Ave. (433-1604), 7 p.m.
  • Knox-Metropolitan Church, 8307-109 St. (439-1718), 7:30 p.m.
  • Dayspring Presbyterian Church, 11445-40 Ave. (435-3111), 1:30 p.m.
  • Evangel Pentecostal Assembly, 4461-50 St. (468-4714), 11:30 a.m.
  • Avonmore United Church, 7909-82 Ave. (468-1418), 7 p.m.
  • Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, 22 Fir St., Sherwood Park (467-5994), 7 p.m.
  • St. Albert Catholic Church, 7 St. Vital Ave., St. Albert (459-6691), 7 p.m.
  • St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, 101 McLeod Ave., Spruce Grove (962-3766), 7 p.m.  (Source)

Indeed, if there are 2000 communities across Canada participating, as their brochure claims, how many Catholics are involved in this and how many parishes are being used to host this eventAnd, most importantly, how much Catholic money is going to finance their anti-life programs? Indeed, if this is the level of participation in Canada, what about the U.S. or European countries or the rest of the 170 countries that are involved?  In fact, the Catholic Church in England and Wales is even formally associated with this event!

My dear friends, when the Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council, it was a time of Camelot.  The civilization was still Christian and those that were not Chrsitian were generally people of good will. But today, we do not live in Camelot. We live in a hostile environment to the Gospel of Life.  We cannot keep working with groups who make a pretense of Christianity all the while supporting practices and laws which are aimed at the destruction of innocent human life, the family, and the Catholic faith.

We decided to open our doors to the World in the 1960s because there was a feeling of goodwill and fraternity with non-Catholics.  But we live in a war zone now where virtually all of the mainline Christian churches have apostatized, and the majority of Catholics are non-practicising (and a strong minority of them are even hostile to the Catholic faith).  Moreover, there is a shrinking pool of non-Christians who have genuinely good will.  So it’s time for us to wake up and read the signs of the times. 

Close the doors, secure them, and hunker down for the war.  Because if we don’t, the enemy is going to walk right in and take us over, and with it, the last vestiges of civilization.

Stop. Being. The. Village. Idiot.

8 thoughts on “Special Investigative Report: Feminist Front Group Using Canadian Catholic Churches To Fund Their Agenda

  1. In spring 2008, I played at a “World Day of Prayer” event at St. Mary’s in Ottawa. They had a “pot luck” beforehand, then we went upstairs and the they had a prayer service with music, and showed a slide show of Haiti, then did a collection. I remember thinking that the crowd was not in agreement with Catholic moral teaching.

    They had a collection for “Haiti”. There was an Anglican Woman minister there and some United folks. Fittingly, we sung “Kumbaya.” They have it at a different Church in the Ottawa area every year.

  2. One option: Why not have the Catholic Church create its own charity that sponsers a “World Day of Prayer” service in Catholic parishes, with ecumenical partners from conservative churches invited to attend (I noticed a lot of evangelical church names in your list, John, and am sure that if the Nazarene or Bible Chapel folk had any idea what this money was being used for, they’d puke); all money raised could be given to legitimate aid and missions organizations.

    If they can subvert the idea of an international, ecumenical prayer service to advance an anti-Catholic agenda, can’t it also be redeemed and properly used for a better purpose?

    I say that every Catholic parish in the country should host a special prayer service and fundraiser next March to mark the World Day of Prayer. Money goes to Peter’s Pence, Sisters of Charity, Aid to the Church in Need, Human Life International…

  3. One of my goals when I was active in the CWL in Ottawa was to get out of being involved in Wicca. In no way would any of the Parish members support me. Another wicked organization in the CWL is the Canadian branch of WUCWO (a international organization for Past Presidents of National CWL). Unless it has changed, the Canadian group it is not Catholic in my opinion.

    I have participated,reluctently, in the World Day of Prayer as part of my duties in the CWL. I remember hearing that as part of their prayer service, one of our priests was asked to say the
    “Our Father” in the feminist version. I was told that this dear
    priest said he would say the correct version – God bless him.

    I do not remember ever donating to World Day of Prayer collections, personally, and even walking out before the collection was taken for and organization called “The Least Coin”. Sounds innocent enough but was eventually able to convince the members of our Parish CWL that this was an organization that supported abortion.

    To my knowledge the National CWL still belongs to the Women’s Inter Church Council. Many of the people who were informed about this organization (Inter Church Council) have recommended that the CWL not continue its associaion with the Women’s Inter Church Council which promotes the World Day of Prayer and other anti-Catholic organizations. I have a copy of one of the “WICC NEWS” if you are interested in exploring this more. Their web site http://www.wicc.org.

    In order to distroy the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church needed to be infiltrated by these extreme feminists.

    The “Fellowship of the Least Coin” is another organization that
    is part of WICC. Our Parish CWL finally got out of supporting that.

  4. I just checked the WICCA web site. Under Catholic Church, listed as a member, I found the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops – with pictures!

    Another “can of worms” or is it the same can?

  5. I came across this sometime ago. I was shocked that churches would actually pressure the government about access to abortion. I thought this was only the domain of secular groups. No wonder the United Church is in decline.


    This is a novel idea and something I have actually done. This summer, I attended communion at a downtown Presbyterian church. When everyone was asked for prayer requests, mine was for people to become pro-life and pray for an end to abortion. All the prayer requests were said out loud, so everyone present heard them all.

    I have also put pro-life written prayer requests in other churches’ prayer request boxes. When the ministers/priests see that people who attend their churches are pro-life, it might change their hearts.

    At Devine Infant RC Church in Orleans, I spoke to the priest and suggested that when they say the prayer intentions at the beginning of the mass, they always pray for unborn babies. I think it was not taken very seriously, though, because they didn’t implement it afterwards.

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  7. Dureen:
    About Wicca and the CCCB, could you please give a link. I have not been able to find what you mention and this is a serious statement.
    Thank you.

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