Feminism: women need PEDs to equal men

Most calls for the Pill to be made more broadly accessible—ideally free and without a prescription—all share the same subtext. Denying access to the Pill isn’t merely denying health care, it’s denying women’s rights.

Yet this is not about the right to get the Pill but rather, the right to not get pregnant.

This stems from the modern idea that men and women are only equal in dignity when we are exactly the same. As a result, we think that if men can have sex without the responsibility of childbearing, then women should too. This is why some feel so strongly that it is wrong for women to not have access to the Pill (Source).

There’s a really easy way for women to level the playing field with respect to sex without consequences: by saying ‘no’. Nobody gets none. Easy peasy.

But feminists can’t stand that idea. So the only alternative they’re left with is to say that women need performance enhancing drugs to be equal to men. That’s what feminism inextricably leads to. I can’t imagine a worse statement of vile discrimination against women.

Feminism reaches this paradoxical conclusion because it’s focused on utilitarianism, i.e. your worth is determined by what you can do. Well guess what. By that standard, women will almost always be inferior to men. On average, women will never run as fast as men. On average, women will never be as strong as men. On average, women will never have as long a career as men. Etc, etc, etc. That’s why men and women compete separately in almost any type of competition (even chess, believe it or not).

Utilitarian feminism is obsessed with accomplishments as the ultimate yardstick for personal worth. It’s all about keeping up with the Joneses (male Joneses, that is), which is a sure recipe for lifelong personal discontentment, emotional insecurity  and envy because there will always be people who are better than you (ever wonder why feminist activists never seem happy?)

The Catholic Church, on the other hand, says that a person’s dignity is independent of their capabilities or accomplishments. When feminists complain that the male-only priesthood is discriminatory, they’re thinking in their utilitarian manner again, i.e. that women are being treated as inferior because they can’t be priests. So utilitarian. So boring.

I do stridently disagree with one sentence in the above article, namely that the Pill should be made available over the counter. We shouldn’t facilitate access to evil, even if we think we’re achieving a good (e.g. less pressure on pro-life doctors to prescribe it).

One thought on “Feminism: women need PEDs to equal men

  1. Alice Paul started The National Woman’s Party in 1915 to be allowed to vote.Alice stated,”Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” There was no disagreement from fellow suffragettes.

    Starting in 1962 The Western Democratic Christian World turned their back on Lord Christ and sanctioned a new Religion of so-called neutral Secular Paganism as Constitutional in Government,Law and Education.This new Religion started to legalize former criminal pagan practices,and using adult school teachers and special interest group activists,started to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren in schools from Kindergarten to University into believing these practices are normal behaviors,as legalized secular humanist human rights.Thus the modern feminists embraced humanist sexology through the religious secular humanist education establishments,and indoctrinated almost all Western Women.

    Have you heard of The Janissaries? This name was given to the children of Christians who were abducted and taught the doctrines of Islam by Mohammed II,who had taken Byzantium by 1453.Mohammed II had surrounded Constantinople the only remaining bastion of Christian influence in the middle east.When Mohammed II got into the city many hid in the edifices called Church ,but this did not save them from The Janissaries.Mohammed II sent in his Janissaries ,so the once children of Christians,now soldiers of the Islamic Jihad slaughtered their former parents, relatives,and friends,and carried off for Mohammed II the rest as slaves and concubines.The older infidels they considered useless were legally Euthanized.

    Today in The Religious Secular Humanist Democratic West there are Janissaries among us,but not abducted by Mohammed II this time,but by our Religious Secular Humanist Schools,and taught the doctrines of so-called “neutral” Secular Humanism including Humanist Sexology.Will we politically unite to change this heinous worldview-religion which is corrupting our children,grandchildren,and future generations.Greek-Roman Sophism without political action is futile in a civilization that has devolved back to paganism in Government,Law and Education,albeit a so-called neutral variety.

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