Feminism “not popular” among modern women, survey finds

…Less than one in 10 (nine per cent) of those aged 25 to 29 identified with it.

Feminism was more popular among an older cohort, however, with a quarter of older women aged 45 to 50 described themselves as a feminist.

According to the survey, two in five women want to ‘celebrate difference’ rather than be equal to men.

Meanwhile, the survey showed that a significant majority of those surveyed (69pc) said that the top priority for modern women is to reinstate the value of motherhood….(Source)

Feminism is dying.  It was a false view of femininity and womanhood.  Nothing that is false can survive indefinitely.  The thing about truth and error is that truth is unchanging while error must change to survive.

One thought on “Feminism “not popular” among modern women, survey finds

  1. I wouldn’t uncork the champagne bottles just yet. The fact that young women do not identify as feminists does not mean that they have reverted to pre-feminist modes of behaviour. Far from it.

    Young women today are proud to be sluts:


    Young women today are more promiscuous than ever:


    STD rates are up:


    Single motherhood and single motherhood by choice are on the rise:


    If you go for a short drive or walk in downtown Ottawa, you will see a disturbingly high number of young women wearing ugly tattoos on their arms, necks and elsewhere.

    The champagne can wait. We have a lot of work to do to repair the damage caused by feminism.

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