Feminism makes women miserable

He said that overall his words have been twisted into being anti-woman, when in fact believes his comments to be empowering.  “I see a lot of women without kids, in their 40s, who are miserable and I see a lot of women after they have children saying, ‘what the <expletive> was I doing? Why was I doing fashion PR? I was doing seating plans for a fashion show telling what people sit in what chair. Now I’m shaping human life,’ he explained. (Source)

You go, Hipster! Preach it brother!

McInnes explained that his children — ages 9 months, 5 years, and 7 years — made him believe in God and become pro-life….“It made me religious. I was an atheist most of my life and now I am a God-fearing Catholic, because of the miracle of life. And I’m pro-life,” he said, noting that he used to be pro-choice and became pro-life with the birth of his first child.

On the flip side, McInnes said that men have become less masculine, ironically as a means to get more women. “I think men are becoming beta males because feminists have told them to, but you’ll notice feminists don’t <expletive> those guys,” he said. “I think they are doing this and being submissive…because they are trying to get laid. “If women said men who dress in clown costumes are hot and cool, then they would <expletive> stick a red nose on.”

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