Feed the Children and Kill the Children

My friend Andy Pocrnic has done a yeoman’s job in shining the light on the pro-aborts scamming Catholic education.

Good job, Andy!

After the presentation, one trustee asked Pocrnic if he had “listened [to] or heard the Pope’s latest statement and clarification”, according to a recording of the presentation obtained by LifeSiteNews.com.

Last week in an interview with La Civilta Catholica in partnership with America magazine, the pope had said that it is “not necessary” to talk about the issues of “abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods” “all the time”, emphasizing at the same time that Church teaching on these matters is “clear” and that he is a “son of the Church”.

While the secular press has interpreted this as a call for the Church to downplay, or even abandon its teachings on controversial moral issues, Catholic commentators have argued that the pope only said that those issues should be placed in their proper “context.”

Concerned parent James Doak told LifeSiteNews that Pope Francis’ statements do not give Catholic schools a pass to partner with pro-abortion groups, especially in light of Francis’ most recent condemnation of abortion one day after the release of his La Civilta Catholica interview.

“It’s as if the trustee was saying: ‘You caught us working with pro-aborts, but we want to misinterpret Pope Francis’ talk last week to give us wiggle room because we love Free the Children so much’,” he said. (Source)

One thing the Pope’s comments have done is ferret out all those dubious Catholics who had previously kept their mouths shut on abortion and contraception since Humanae Vitae.

When the Pope’s comments about abortion and gay sex were spun by the liberal press, they thought they had some play with the Pope.  Turned out that they were wrong as +++Francis clarified things for them the very next day.  But in so doing, they showed their cards and their true colours.


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