Fed Up Catholic Writes to Vatican, Gets Response

A reader of Socon or Bust living in Quebec has had it up to here with the liturgical abuses and doctrinal “innovations” within her parish and from her pastor. Her letters to the local bishop went unanswered, so she decided to write to the Vatican’s Prefect for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. She was surprised to get the attached reply in just six weeks. Click to enlarge.

The letter is very simple, but it includes the name of the pastor and the parish (which I have redacted). The writer explained to the Vatican that she had been complaining to her bishop but to no avail. In the reply, the Vatican encourages her to keep contacting the bishop, who is responsible for these matters.

This may not seem like much, unless you know how to play your cards properly for maximum effect. Guess what our frustrated reader is gonna do next? She’s gonna forward this letter to both the pastor and her local bishop. By encouraging the writer to continue pestering her bishop, the Vatican is suggesting that her complaints are legit and need to be brought to the bishop’s attention. To the bishop, the letter is essentially saying this is your job, get with it, where have you been?

I love it.

Little hobbits making a difference.

Now go and do likewise.

6 thoughts on “Fed Up Catholic Writes to Vatican, Gets Response

  1. Your story is incomplete. It does not let us (the readers) know what the alleged abuses and “doctrinal innovations” are, in her opinion. Is she a liturgist? Is she a grumpy pre-Vatican stick-in-the-past fuddy-duddy? Or does she feel violated because a guitar was used while singing a hymn? Or, are Communion hosts being flung in the air for people to catch? What is she complaining about. You leave us wondering and dreaming up (surely, unlikely) scenarios in our own pointy little heads.

    • Hi Mary,
      I don’t have time to list all the abuses. I have seen the list and it is both extensive and legit. A couple of snippets:

      – Plans to serve the Blood of Christ to the faithful in small plastic shot-glasses that would then be thrown in the trash without purification.

      – A pastor who, during his homily following the awarding of the Order of Canada to Morgentaler, recommended that parishioners go read an editorial in La Presse that lauded the abortionist as a hero.

  2. For us non-Francophone Catholics south of the border, could you please provide a translation from the French?

  3. Since she is from Quebec, one can assume that every wild crazy modernist innovation is happening in her parish.

    The letter from the Vatican does seem like a simple form letter passing the buck back to the Bishop. However, one should know that these letters are usually put in the file of the Bishop and are brought up when the Bishop goes to Rome for his individual meeting with the Holy Father every few years.

    It often seems like nothing gets done, but from what I have researched the Vatican communicates very well through informal channels, just not well formally between departments.

  4. Quick translation:

    -We received your letter
    -Thank you for your efforts
    -Keep writing your archbishop, because he’s the guy who can fix this, because he’s the person responsible for the liturgy in his diocese.

    And Fr. Ward wishes her all the best.

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