FCP in the Soo

Check out this little impressive write up about the FCP Candidate in Sault Ste Marie:

Bill Murphy wants to be your MPP come the October 10 provincial election.Murphy, general manager of a Sault-based wholesale electronics distributor, has been nominated as the Family Coalition Party (FCP) candidate for Sault Ste. Marie.“I want to provide real choice to the average family,” says Murphy, who as a husband of 21 years and a father of four knows a thing or two about family.

He played the role of Maurice, the father of Belle, in last year’s local production of Beauty and the Beast, and regularly promotes family-orientated events as the Grand Knight of a local Knights of Columbus council.

“Joint-income tax returns between couples will allow one parent to stay home or work part-time without penalizing the family income,” says Murphy.

“This broadens their options and it recognizes both the contribution of parents’ work in raising their children.”

Murphy rejects the stereotype of the FCP as a one-issue party existing solely to oppose abortion.

“We need to support real options for women who find themselves pregnant during difficult times in their lives,” Murphy says.

“Being pro-life and pro-family is not just about being against abortion; it’s about providing real choice to women.”

Noting that his daughters are of high school and college age, and that some of their friends have found themselves pregnant, Murphy sympathizes with the situation that leads them to contemplate abortion.

“They’re worrying about finances, their education, how their parents will react, and the stresses of becoming a single parent,” he says.

“The FCP will provide women in this situation with the support they need to finish their education, learn good parenting skills, and overcome the obstacles presented by society.”

Which leads Murphy to support policies that encourage a broader range of choice in childcare, “whether it be public, private, or through friends and family.”

Finally, Murphy would like to see more funding for hospices within the healthcare system.

“Nobody wants to die alone in a hospital bed,” Murphy says. “Hospice care provides a compassionate and realistic alternative.”

“It acknowledges that death is about to happen, while drawing upon specialized medical knowledge to control pain and provide emotional, psychological and spiritual support.”

“And it isn’t just the patient that needs this support – it’s the patient’s family.”

“Bill Murphy has a passion for healthy families – I mean not just in terms of physical health, but emotional, economic and spiritual values that have made our province great in the past,” says former Reform Party candidate and Conservative Party campaign manager Paul Mathewson.

For more information on the Family Coalition Party, you can contact Bill Murphy by phone at (705) 542-7606 or by email.



This is an excellent article and paints a great picture of a grassroots, family man who has entered politics. 

Positive. Moderate. Calm.

All the things that my campaign won’t be. 🙂   My objectives will be different.

Hey, it takes all kinds. 

Go Bill! 

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