One thought on “Fatherless Churches

  1. Interesting at a Church I used to attend they had women dominating almost everything. One of the wrong things I disliked about the Church. I have never found any “need” nor felt that I was being dominated in Church if men were collecting greeting, and especially reading, and as I said I came to Mass for Jesus not to witness some modern version of women or men reading, greeting collecting or whatever.
    There is such a bureaucracy in the Church and they call it Ministries and they keep adding more!!! Lord Have Mercy!

    In fact again as Tradition says it is all about Jesus not women nor men for that matter, unless they are doing HIs Will.

    Another thing that took place with some of the women doing the collecting or greeting or reading was they sought attention and often did this by dressing in an impure manner, tight clothes and often with their front cleavage and body parts accentuated as they bowed down smiling to collect etc. This is all wrong. It is against purity and it is of course offensive and it can tempt men to lust and it is evident the woman wants her affirmation this way, regarless of the serious sins she is committing, first by dressing in such a provocative manner in God’s House and second for tempting men to lust , for the sake of her broken self and her vanity.Women will answer to God for this not just for what it can do to to men in the laiety, (many are married and/or fathers to their families, but also to Priests. In fact ,half the time these women are primping themselves or seeking validation wrongly by thinking they are equal in pushing for such positions. In fact they are trying to push towards more and more of a slant towards being equal.. in the wrong way. It is founded on wrong principles and power,just watch and before one knows it will be seeking to become Priests.
    I feel no need for a women’s’ ministry. It is dangerous and can encourage curiosity, gossip, and cliqueness. More to the point I listen to what Jesus and Mary tell me. I do not go to Mass to join yet another “ministry”, so I can feel I “belong”. God says I belong to HIm. That is all anyone should need. It is important to keep the focus on HIm and meet others one on one. Another danger of this so called ministry is that some women may wrongly take it upon themselves to “advise” other women on their marriages or such, and their “opinion” may not align with God’s Word or what Our Blessed Mother Mary says, and they also because of subjective brokenness often break personal boundaries and share what should not be shared with others. I used to go in the bathroom at said parish and cringe when I heard the “women of God” gossiping. Run away!!! There has been far too much damage because of the lies and unGodly
    manner that some of these women and even men conduct themselves pumping themselves up thinking they are better because they are ministers of such and such. Just get back to basics and drop it, for God’s sake, it is our own illusion or rather delusion of grandeur, of our really wretched selves that makes us think we are this and this, and humility, true humility that is goes out the door. and is replaces with a desire for recognition. Of course all humans have an innate need to know they are recognized and not feel as if they do not exist, but this “need” to be “more” is something different altogether, as far as I can see, Again, it can become and has become me-ism, and all at the expense of the One Who we all should care about before anybody or anything. We ALL can fall into it and do, and that is why this whole thing is scary. We are nothing without HIm and must remain reachable and small doing what He Wills and never boasting or taking credit i for what Good He brings out of our little sacrifices or saying yes to Him.

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