2 thoughts on “Father Raymond Gravel Applies for Palliative Care; Gives Television Interview

  1. Their was a time when Canadian, and Western children started school with the Lord’s Prayer,led by their teachers. The Ten Commandments were on Government, Courthouse, Schoolroom walls, and in peoples hearts. Our Priests, and Bishops are supposed to prevent “wolves in sheeps clothing” from harming children even in schools,and teaching them Kinsey Sex Education,which normalizes killing babies who ought to be safe in their mothers wombs,and homosexuality etc,as legalized so-called human rights. Priests, Bishops,Pastors and the like who side with evil ought to be ex-communicated. When The Church, and Christs disciples start to compromise with these despots,then all Hell breaks loose in the compromised Church.This tarnishes Christs reputation. What kind of disciples put up with this? Jesus recognizes evil allowing masqueraders.

  2. There was a Christian perspective In Western Government, Law, Education, and in the hearts of the majority. The Emperor Of Rome Constantine, converted to Christianity in about 307. The Christianity of sorts was slowly becoming more like real Christianity. Scientific and Legal racialism was slowly being done away with as women, and all people were being considered persons. Science and Law have justified all sorts of atrocities throughout History, by classifying certain people as non-persons. By 1960 all people could finally vote and have equal democratic representation in Canada also,because of The Christian Worldview.

    This changed starting in 1962, when Western Supreme Courts declared, The Lord’s Prayer in schools unconstitutional, and decreed so-called neutral Secularism, as the new State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion. Western Governments did not challenge these decrees,and overturn them. Media films were used to convert the pubic to accept neutral Secularism, as the new State Worldview/Religion. Now so-called neutral Secularism, and it’s followers the Seculars impose their views on everyone by force,starting with Kindergarteners. In Democracies the citizens are politically responsible for The States Worldview,and Laws.

    Why are the politically indifferent upset when The Secular Church, and it’s Priests reflect the views of so-called neutral Secularism? If you see the harm this Pagan Perspective is causing,please become a democratic political relevant force for righteousness. If you don’t know how to do this Paycheck and friends can advise you. We need political unity to stop this evil which is mutilating Western Children.

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