Father Gravel Shows Little Class, Slags Cardinal Ouellet

“It depends who (that Quebecer is) and right now the only candidate on the list is Cardinal Ouellet. I’m going to ask the question: Is he really the one we need to bring people together, to stimulate the church, to make the church shift?

Uh no. That’s the whole point, there, Father.  The Pope is called Kepha, “rock”, for a reason.  We don’t shift with the culture.  We don’t blow with your wind.  We don’t scratch your itching ears.

“I don’t know, but it scares me a little bit. I am afraid of this. I don’t think that this is what we need right now.” (Source)

Sure it is, Father.  If ++Ouellet becomes Pope, I’m sure he’s going to pay Quebec a visit.  And I’m sure whether he becomes Pope or not, he’s got a bishop in mind just for you.  By my count, that’s a little more than two years away right now on June 5, 2015

I would be afraid, either way.  Life style change is coming to you, one way or another, lawsuit or not.

Those hazy crazy days of Vatican II are blowing away and sifting through hands like sand on a seashore.

3 thoughts on “Father Gravel Shows Little Class, Slags Cardinal Ouellet

  1. How this dissident Priest (Fr Raymond Gravel) is still allowed to cause scandal by a) remaining a priest in his diocese b) publicly spewing his scandalous & dissident views against Catholic teaching, and c) suing Life Site News for libelous statements he made himself on other news sources, is beyond the pale. Where is his bishop?

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