Fashion mag raises concerns about dangers of contraception

This is particularly interesting given that it was published in Marie-Claire, a well-known fashion mag. I imagine that the readership must be 90% women, many of them contracepting. I guess the word is getting out on the health problems associated with contraceptives.

2 thoughts on “Fashion mag raises concerns about dangers of contraception

  1. Steve, as I just commented to a friend on facebook, I don’t think this will be very effective, because the most popular magazines for teenage girls and early young women who need this advice, are Seventeen and Cosmopolitian. Marie Claire won’t reach enough women and also this is just the Nuva Ring, not contraception as a whole.

  2. I don’t know what the Seventeen magazine is about but, as for Cosmopolitan, I know for sure that this is a pornographic magazine for women that uses written pornography instead of photographs (although they also show women wearing very little clothes). I once found one of these magazines on a table and started scanning the pages a bit, thinking that it was like the fashion magazines my mother received at home when I was a girl. I was totally perplexed at the content! I also saw a priest at EWTN classify this magazine as pornography for women. So I hope that teenage girls (or even women) are not buying that garbage!

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