Farewell Cardinal No

I loved this Pope, and I admired him for his staunch defense of the Faith and also his ability and courage to clean up the filth in the Church.

He was a man of courage and action, confronting his brother bishops and sending them packing when necessary.  He provided a refreshing change from the distorted and backslapping, swarmy view of “episcopal collegiality” which has caused such havoc in the Church. 

And let us not forget the ally he was in reforming the social justice fraud in the Church.

And what’s more – and this is the key point – he actually did something about it.  This man was not just talk.  He was a machine, a reformer Pope, and a hero.

He might have been a warm, humble, and soft-spoken man, but he was a German in his efficiencies to clean the strendenfreudel up.

In an age where every fool is known by their “yes”, he was known as Cardinal “no”.  He held the line and saved the Church.

God Bless You Holy Father. Pray for us. Pray for the Church.

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