Family Values

The Eternal Christmas Pete Vere recounts Christmastime past in his childhood. But we’re still not sure which sausages. (Vere – 8KB – 06.12)

Brother’s Keeper Our Director puts his finger on the source of the cultural malaise infecting our Modern era. The more things superficially change, the more they substantially stay the same. (Pacheco – 13KB – 06.09)

A Father’s Influence This article by Chris Beneteau recalls the great influence that a Father can play on children in their spiritual and moral foundations. A timely topic considering the assault on manly fatherhood in our day. (Beneteau – 10KB – 04.12)

Genderism: Our New Heresy John Pacheco examines the new heresy influencing the Culture of Death, and why the gay/feminist position on the issues of gender are wrong. (Pacheco – 16KB – 04.11)

Family Size and the New Evangelization Chris Beneteau offers this insightful, touching and funny account of how a large family can impact the surrounding culture for the good. (Beneteau – 11KB – 04.10)

The High Road Chris Beneteau shares his account of his recent fenderbender. Accidents sometimes can be opportunities to share the faith with children. (Beneteau – 8KB – 04.09)

The Catholic Church as the Great Liberator of Women John Pacheco and Mark Bonocore team up to expose the wickedness of liberalism’s Communist roots and to expose the outrageous slander that the Catholic Church “oppresses women”. (Pacheco/Bonocore – 28KB – 04.09)

A Walk Through the Culture of Death Chris Beneteau gives an eye opening account of his childhood journey through the filth and depravity of this culture of death. In this revealing biography, you can read about how the effects of pornography and contraception can play havoc with the social and spiritual development of children. (Beneteau – 25KB – 04.04)

Cheap Day-Care: The Devaluation of Parenthood Chris Beneteau reviews popular culture’s drone-like mentality towards day-care centers. As parents abdicate their primary role as educators to the State, the culture of death will continue to erode traditional family values. The key, Chris rightly points out, is for Catholic parents to reclaim their fundamental human right and responsibility to bond with and educate their children. (Beneteau – 10KB – 03.10)

Man’s Abdication In this honest look at the current state of affairs in our decaying culture, Chris Beneteau puts the blame where the blame belongs: on Men. Because of their abdication of leadership and responsibility, our culture is dying. (Beneteau – 13KB – 03.08)

Ad Hominem In order to reclaim our culture for the Traditional Family, Christian fathers need to turn back and serve their families. The ultimate reason for the success of the culture of death around us lies with our consumerist ideology which feeds this lethal culture of sexual deviancy. (Pacheco – 12KB – 03.07)

Sexual Hypocrisy Chris Beneteau inaugurates his arrival to our Apostolate by laying into the real reason we are encountering the scourge of homosexualism in the Catholic Church today. Far from going after the superficial reasons for our current malaise, Chris goes right for the jugular of this beast and ends up hitting the mark. Click on the above link, and you’ll be very surprised to learn who’s been caught with their pants down. (Beneteau – 10KB – 03.04)

What Canon Law Taught Me About Teen Dating Canon Lawyer Pete Vere writes this short article on courtship and dating, offering our young readers something to think about. If you are a parent who is concerned about your daughter’s upcoming travails in the “dating game”, this article is definitely for you. (Vere – 14KB – 03.01)


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